Air conditioning installation needs an attention: The machine outdoor is 2.5 met
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The installation of air conditioning will have formal test gauge model. Maintain unit and the enterprise such as association to be drafted jointly by Chinese home appliance " room air conditioning implement installation quality standard " (the following abbreviation " standard " ) will carry out at rising on May 1. Chairman of association of maintenance of report of the state in occupying direct add the introduction, consumer is complained to air conditioning show the growth of 20% every year, 70% above are pair of installation quality complain. He expresses, air conditioning is in when carrying user home, still be a semi-manufactured goods only actually, be in only field assembly, join and after debugging, ability forms a whole moving system, although our country had made the installation standard of air conditioning and installation circuit, but how does quality of technology of service of installation of concerned air conditioning examine, evaluation, superintend etc still the standard with uniform neither one.

As we have learned, this second release " standard " introduced what air conditioning installs to examine in detail project and index of conformity, the utility that included use room and dimensional circumstance, installed surface and installation position make choice of 11 big 40 many small. Such as, bottom of mounting frame of the plane outdoor is apart from the distance of the ground to should be more than 2.5 meters commonly; When aircrew self-prossessed when more than 120 kilogram, its mounting frame must not leave the ground pensile to install; The outdoor machine of 4500W above is not gotten little at 8 bolt; Switch on the mobile phone 15~20 after minute, in be apart from place of 10~20mm of a place with a draught of indoor pass in and out to measure temperature with the thermometer, difference in temperature of a place with a draught of the pass in and out when refrigeration should 10 ℃ of ≥ . In addition, the regulation still added " suds leak hunting " , " test pencil electrify detects " wait for a few facilitating operations detect method.

In addition, consumer is OK basis " standard " the standard installation to air conditioning manufacturer undertakes examining, fill in quality of service of air conditioning installation evaluates a watch, supervise and evaluate the installation quality of air conditioning manufacturer.