VRV air conditioning can encounter the following problem when installation
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When cold intermediary canal solders, 1. did not fill nitrogen to undertake protective and produce oxidation skin, the appearance that causes systematic block happens;

2. is among installation distribution process, VRV system requirement is indoor machine if the distribution power source in same system must be in in same power source, this want to notice especially in installation process.

Moving period of time of system of 3. air conditioning basically is whole area uses electric fastigium, as a result of power source voltage not stable or too low and the breakdown of generation is very common also.

4. is very much install a team to reduce cost, require the link line of machine of room inside and outside the double core thread with with line of double core screen common instead, signal of extremely easy generation unbalanced or the appearance that receive difficulty and causes a machine to cannot work normally.

Because 5. installs a process in the center, installation labour neglect or the operation that be versed in for the province and did not have 3 move to systematic conduit (blow corrupt processing, dozen pressure leak hunting, vacuum is dry) and cause systematic trouble;

The hoisting of tubing of 6. cold intermediary props up span too big, because be in locomotive process tubing will be generation vibration, adjustable, if do not make be proppinged up appropriately be meetinged produce a part,make tubing burst or attaint, cause aircrew trouble thereby;

A bit more compensatory, the power source that is machine of inside and outside did not want same return compulsively, but of a system inside machine is best want same return, still having a bit is, of copper pipe solder (communications center nitrogen is not to fill nitrogen) , try pressure, blow clear away clean, dry be systematic setup most substantial, must protect press 24 hours of above, assure to do not have flat, if possible sentence, be in place of copper pipe connect to had better make mark outside heat preservation, the weak point that divulge. Additional, alloter must use the fittings that former plant produces, buy outside now have, but quality does not have certainly assure, some day, once flat, special trouble.

Remember: The defect with VRV the oldest system is, after once the user is thrown,be being used, if flat, investigating flat aspect is the thing of very special and special difficulty, this also is the weakness with this kind of the oldest system.