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Air conditioning of fission cabinet form implement refrigerating capacity is compared commonly wall hung air conditioning implement big (be in about 6000W above) , bulk also should be gotten greatly accordingly much, installation requirement basically considers to choosing the position and installation firm respect.

(1) the choice that installs the position

Aircrew of room inside and outside is to put in ground, the position of indoor aircrew chooses: Lv of take an examination is installing the height of opportunity group and the measure that enter room passageway, avoid to cannot be installed. Want to have good position sending wind and air current organization, make air conditioning implement and inside large area room but will cold (warm) air is blown to each indoor corners.

Air conditioning implement the place that should be far from heat source and harmful gas, and need to avoid sunlight point-blank.

The overhaul with aircrew installation due and enough place and maintain space. Indoors when aircrew is installed with installing a method into wall type, 1m, left and right sides should stay to want to leave 0.5m, coping to want to leave the space of 0.3m the least the least the least before aircrew, send wind and overhaul the inhaler with offerring fan sending wind with.

Indoor aircrew should stand by the power source, span that chooses unit of room inside and outside to be installed from recent place as far as possible, can save conduit so.

The unit outdoor is heavier, should install the place that bears fruit in the building, can put at the balcony, window next tailor-made steel are worn or on concrete entablement. When open air is placed, should install a sunshade to prevent pluvial cover, should avoid at the same time the platoon a place with a draught that makes blast plays set continuously, influence aircrew comes loose outwards hot, the platoon a place with a draught that accurate method is an aircrew and wind direction show 90 degrees to place.

To make the aircrew outdoor has enough overhaul, installation and the space that have installing operating, answer to be far from other building as far as possible, can prevent convection of block up air, the influence comes loose hot.

As a result of cabinet form air conditioning implement power is great, the noise when undertaking is bigger also, so installation position also should consider to be not affected indoor and do not send the element that annoys house of around photograph neighbor.

(2) install a method

Indoor aircrew can secure aircrew with foundation bolt go up in cement floor. Sometimes, when rinsing the ground to do not make be in, wet aircrew, perhaps pulling a floor board, when sweeping a floor, scratch of crust bottom bottom, will flyblown, a ply can be done to be the ligneous base of 60-100mm below aircrew, secure aircrew go up in base.
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