Common sense: Air conditioning installation is an important matter section of mu
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Because installation is improper,cause air conditioning bad to use the phenomenon is very much, daily installation air conditioning should note the following respects:
One, if your wall is grey matter wall, you can undertake metope besmearing brushing decorating. Enhance the adiabatic sex of grey matter wall already so, can omit report again multiple.

2, position of air conditioning installation shoulds not be low. Some families install air conditioning on windowsill, this is gone against reduce switch on the mobile phone rate, because " air conditioning downward, steam upgrade " principle, air of indoor lower level is cold heat mixes model air. Indoor superstratum is the air with higher temperature, if install air conditioning on windowsill, the air temperature that take out is low, opposite for air conditioning is being done without work loss, the steam of superstratum did not get effective refrigeration. Accordingly, answer to install air conditioning the window upside that carrying this world on the back. The space that does not want an air conditioning to hang machine and installation of the machine outdoor especially is too close, form resonance so easily, cause noise.

3, air conditioning temperature is unfavorable fixed position is too small, ordinary control reachs 28 degrees in 24 degrees or again a bit taller, as long as the person does not feel heat goes. Difference in temperature is big, the person falls ill very easily, at the same time power consumption also can increase multiple.

4, the process of installation, must careful, cannot install the proposal of personnel with listening only, change external environment casually, for example: Cannot the outdoor opportunity because of air conditioning is great, fixed put baluster of iron of the machine outdoor to pull down, because of what destroyed a village not only so beautiful, more lost the action that protects the machine outdoor, make thief steals a success easily.

5, move toward and raise electric negative charge what do not change the electrical wiring inside city at will, cause fire so easily, cause air conditioning be on fire easily.