Air conditioning installs result of safe operation superintend to release
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The quality of air conditioning and maintenance problem are the attention heat of people all the time in recent years, but the backside in these problems, the headroom that frequency sends installs exercise accident to make a person shocking more however. Chinese home appliance maintained association to held a press conference jointly a few days ago, announce air conditioning to install result of safe operation superintend, partial enterprise is call-overed criticism.

As the leap of market sales volume of air conditioning product, air conditioning installation and maintenance quantity increase subsequently, air conditioning installation and maintenance worker worker (the following abbreviation installs labour) the casualty accidents that Yinbupeidaian is taken completely or cannot use safety belt normally, correctly and brings about happens from time to tome. Since 2000, this kind of accident shows ascendant trend of year after year, according to not complete count, the air conditioning of Beijing happening installed labour 2004 casualty accidents, of public report have 45 cases, had 67 cases 2005, still had 7 cases 2006, and the whole nation's annual accident amount is in two digit.

This year on June 16, when labour is installing air conditioning for the user, the installation of Beijing some company did not adorn by the regulation safety belt, disobey safety to handle a regulation, object the building dies. After accident happening, association of maintenance of Chinese home appliance passed a website to begin at coming 9 days on July 2 " use circumstance of safety belt of labour of air conditioning installation is investigated " . The key is right letter of Er of force of long rainbow, Chun Lan, division, sea, sea, beautiful, below SamSung, pine, advanced brand of TCL, annals undertakes investigating. Findings shows, the user that is as high as 20.14% on average mirrors installation labour to did not use safety belt when headroom works; Labour of installation of brand of individual foreign capital did not adorn the scale of safety belt is achieved 36.36% ; The installation industry that has 5 production company did not adorn the industry of scale prep above of safety belt is average scale; The 13.58% methods that used proper motion to install fixed device and two people interconnection technically when headroom works with the installation labour of 7.68% secure safety belt; When air conditioning is installed, the installation industry that has 13.58% is much person use a safety belt. To this phenomenon, the user that has 8.66% expressed clearly to be anxious.

Maintain association chairman Liu Xiumin to introduce according to Chinese home appliance, the middle ten days of a month came in July 2007 August the first ten days of a month, chinese home appliance maintains the unit such as association to form 4 superintend group in all, the headquarters is stationed in Beijing that be produced to 16 domestic and international air conditioning deep and sells a business, be stationed in Beijing to handle affairs orgnaization and maintenance of partial engage by special arrangement serve a ministry, undertake superintend coachs installing is versed in wearing safety belt spot.
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