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Air conditioning specific power consumption takes building total specific power consumption 55% ! Not long ago, be aimed at this one phenomenon, the country rolled out energy-saving fall the rigid act of bad news: Policy of heat addition meterage. This action builds the technology of heating equipment and air conditioning to raise taller requirement to our country undoubtedly, and the green that promotes air conditioning the system is energy-saving it is the chief problem that faces at present. From this, the expert puts forward, have the advanced technology that make heat the green air conditioning of energy-saving environmental protection will become our country northern region to build industry new requirement.

Found green energy-saving building

On November 28, by construction ministry, U.N. friendly board is sponsorred jointly, committee of check study of construction of China International city, Ai Mo gives birth to an environment to optimize a technology (Suzhou) limited company is carried out sponsor, center of Chinese building culture, " landed and interactive " magazine company carries out undertaking thirteenth China International city is built (the energy-saving case that decrease a platoon) exhibition theme activity " heating of building of · of project of check study of construction of China International city is energy-saving height forum " hold in Beijing.

This second conference constructs a field the communication that senior personage began development inside many course of study such as the topic for discussion that the connotation such as situation of market of air conditioning of energy-saving problem, green abounds heating of the energy-saving measure that decrease a platoon, building and construction department leader, technologist and delibrate. This is from June national hair changes appoint, construction ministry releases jointly " urban price runs temporary measure " , put forward " two when heating power sale price wants to execute basic heat price and photograph of metric heat price to be united in wedlock price that make heat " later, chinese estate group is aimed at first " building heating is energy-saving " the big delibrate of the problem.

Landed development company serves as urban builder, the respect is deployed to choose green air conditioning in equipment, the credit that the space that builds comfortable environmental protection is pair of broad dwellers is reflected and construction resource is managing model, the environment is friendly model social responsibility. Implementation person resides environmental city to change, look from energy conservation and the angle that can develop continuously, the cooperation that needs landed development company and each technology company cooperates, develop cost control from the building, the respect such as energy conservation and technical progress is harmonious and unified, stimulative collaboration is achieved double win an aspect.
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