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In home appliance product, air conditioning has with high-energy bad news all the time get attention. As frequency conversion air conditioning can effect standard is about to come on stage, and the branch will plan to raise air conditioning considerably related the country in March 2009 can effect doorsill, how to carry high-energy effect to become each enterprise to send the focal point of force secretly. Move to carry headroom can effect, from most upriver semiconductor yuan enterprise of parts of an apparatus arrives electric machinery, fan, compressor and overall manufacturer, respective cost uses up idea.

As power semiconductor arisen, its are highlighted increasingly in the position with air conditioning can medium section. Power semiconductor can adjust the rotate speed of electric machinery of frequency conversion air conditioning, achieve energy-saving 1/4 to arrive thereby the effect of 1/3. Use switch power source will replace transformer of traditional linear power source, the specific power consumption when reducing air conditioning to bide one's time greatly, drive air conditioning the implementation that 1 tile bides his time, make air conditioning comes true truly " switch on the mobile phone energy-saving, bide one's time energy-saving also " .

Core of air conditioning specific power consumption is in electric machinery

As air conditioning of new refrigerant year start, energy-saving became each manufacturer sell a site. Each manufacturer also rolls out the air conditioning of high-energy effect to taste newly in succession: Sea Er was rolled out ' air conditioning of frequency conversion of dc of wind of 08 Olympic Gameses, ao Kesi also shined " energy-saving king " air conditioning, mark is high was to roll out more can effect compares those who be as high as 7.4 " 3 exceed king " frequency conversion air conditioning, so-called challenge industry can the limit of effect. Energy-saving air conditioning makes trend of a development undoubtedly. Our country " 915 " program compendium puts forward, to 2010 specific power consumption of 10 thousand yuan of GDP of Chinese reduces 20% the left and right sides, main contaminant to discharge decrease 10% , label its main tie sex index.

Air conditioning how is ability energy-saving? Banner of Li Gong of professor of ministry of course of refrigeration of Beijing industry university gives from the technology " Chinese electron signs up for " the reporter did analytic. Raise air conditioning can the work efficiency that the key of effect depends on raising the core component such as air conditioning compressor, electric machinery, fan, heat exchanger. Among them, compressor is equivalent to air conditioning " heart " , held air conditioning power consumption 80% the left and right sides. The compressor of air conditioning is to pass electric machinery to come drive Freon circulates inside compressor, achieve the result of refrigeration thereby. The fan of air conditioning also needs to use electric machinery to have drive, electric machinery held the majority of compressor and fan power consumption.
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