China is energy-saving decrease a platoon to send force to publish measure force
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It is early before half an year, scholars had been finished " system of assessment of unit GDP specific power consumption implements plan (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) " . Of the energy-saving situation that decrease a platoon austere with each passing day, make them feel indissoluble: Why didn't program reason come on stage formally tardy?

On November 23 afternoon, chinese government net released the State Council 2007 the 36th file, " system of quota of statistic of unit GDP specific power consumption implements plan " " the system of unit GDP specific power consumption that monitor implements plan " " system of assessment of unit GDP specific power consumption implements plan " (next weighing 3 plan) with " main contaminant gross reduces a statistical way " " main contaminant gross. A few administration before participating in the scholar that draft to understand this defer to roll out the difficulties that one is reluctant to mention that examines program: Without system of quota of statistic of specific power consumption, did not perfect the system that monitor, examine program (method) be being rolled out in time can be a mere scrap of paper only.

Come on stage two years ago " 915 programs " in, put forward to arrive energy-saving 2010 20% , reduce a goal of 10% . But political circles, academia and even public opinion bound, all be opposite this one target whether finish express concern. What can serve as evidence is, 2006 energy-saving in decreasing a platoon, only the reluctance of few number area such as Beijing finished the job.

And be in as green GDP in year be made stop, one provides those who operate a gender to implement measure more already extremely urgent. "Of 3 plan and 3 method come on stage, what strode substantial meaning to go up on administrative measure adjusting control is important one pace, the sense that has milepost type on the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon " . Lin Baijiang of director of research center of economy of the sources of energy of Xiamen university China tells this publication.

The sense with 36 greater files depends on the State Council: In examining plan and assessment way, appear ask duty make overrule with one ticket make, added a large number of is opposite newly in the system that monitor of local government routine refine assessment. Accordingly " former the sort of system that gives priority to assessment cadre with GDP had happened to shake " . Member of the team that draft expresses when accepting this print to interview.

Make up for blank

Before 6 months, a governor ever expressed to this print: Discharge at decreasing relatively, energy-saving work is decorated harder, "Because in the center of it is not clear to have to unit GDP specific power consumption also a lot of places say " .

This one blank, in new got redeeming in 3 plan that publish. Among them, the fill a vacancy of coal industry makes the most important one ring.
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