Difference in temperature of morning and evening greatens to often be waited for
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Weather changed recently, add use air conditioning undeserved, before the amount seeing a doctor of hospital children patient is compared paragraph time increased one times, main show breathes heavily to cough, tracheal and pneumonic little patient occupied its medium-counts to comparative scale. According to southeast university accessary in paediatrics Doctor Chen Yan introduces large hospital, yesterday (7 years on December 10) number seeing a doctor is in 150 much person-time, among them of bronchopneumonia income be in hospital occupied 2/3.

A mother tells a reporter, son the day before yesterday from nursery school air conditioning after coming out inside the room because did not buckle the dress, after coming back, catch a cold with respect to some, sneeze, the child after two days appears low heat, appear subsequently cough, accompany hold back having asthma, yesterday because cough is acuteness, the meal was spat entirely come out, have the show of bellyacke, diarrhoea. After check, be diagnosed to be bronchopneumonia.

The expert points out, winter is the tall hair season of bronchopneumonia, because weather changes, difference in temperature of morning and evening greatens, especially changes in temperature of inside and outside of air conditioning room changes, the adjustment of child airframe ability is relative poorer, add ventilated not free, air is foul, if have,cause disease microbial, very easy in action. The child appears have a headache, pharynx is painful, calorific, the parent should cause height to take seriously, must look after children to look for specialized subject doctor to see a doctor to normal hospital, if inchoate little patient is treated normally 1 - 2 can recover inside week.

The expert reminds at the same time say, the cold-resistant that near future parent wants to strengthen pair of children trains, do not open air conditioning easily, want to make the child much get used to the change of chilly climate as far as possible, enhance disease-resistant ability, want to prevent the person's much place at the same time, go up with preventing to infect virus, and cause pneumonic.