The respiratory tract after entering a winter affects patient grow in quantity -
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Enter a winter formally already now, the lowermost air temperature of urban district of yesterday morning Shanghai was to fall more 4.7 ℃ , many citizens feel chill raids a person. The reporter understands from the hospital on Shanghai, these two days of office that have the disease such as infection of the upper respiratory tract a group of things with common features show ascendant trend.

Frequency of office a group of things with common features contracts breathing disease

As weather turn cold, the central air conditioning in many office buildings already began to start. In Miss Sun that the foreign enterprise works, because be afraid of cold the air conditioning temperature in the home after coming off work also is moved very high. Every day bubble is in air conditioning room, did not pass a few days to feel uncomfortable, giddy and lack of power, voice is aching. Via diagnosing, suffer from went up respiratory tract infection.

Director of division of emergency call of hospital of Shanghai bosom division Professor Jiang Jinqi points out, the patient that because use air conditioning,brings about sore throat these days is compared at ordinary times grow in quantity. Of the office building of central air conditioning, air quality not beautiful, pathogen breeds easily in great quantities, if somebody is returned in the office " blow a cloud " , time grows, bacterial virus makes with all sorts of excitant gas the person suffers from very easily on the disease such as sore throat.

The old person does not wear thick garment to fall asleep

The old person habit of inconvenience of a few actions wears thick dress to fall asleep in the winter, new China hospital heart internal medicine Professor Wang Changqian thinks, such doing go against health. The person is when Morpheus, activity of central nervous system is decelerated, strip and Mian can make each organ gets sufficient rest. And wear thick dress to fall asleep can cloggy cutaneous is normal " breath " evaporate with sweat fluid, the dress oppresses to sarcous and attrition still can affect haemal circulation, cause body to express quantity of heat to decrease, although large quilt is easy also on the lid,feel cold.