32 ℃ of 8 ~ ban air conditioning - Nanchang comes on stage energy-saving fall
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Henceforth, "The pubic " resource also cannot run rampant use, and, have office to use room construction and office equipment to purchase the unit that examines and approve authority or purchase right, its are carried out construction is examined and approve and energy-saving fall bad news circumstance also must undertake energy-saving fall bad news assessment. The reporter learns yesterday, nanchang municipal government is specific power consumption of implementation unit GDP relatively " 15 " period end reduces 20% tie sex goals of the left and right sides, allot " division of straight office of Nanchang city city can fall bad news job is integrated management by objectives examines way " , finish in order to ensure energy-saving fall bad news target.

Energy-saving fall bad news puts an end to waste

According to this method, departmental door, each unit should be installed alone according to actual condition with water, wait for specific power consumption with report metric device, preferential collect appliance to have energy-saving fall the equipment of specific power consumption of bad news function; Every unit staff member should accomplish a person to go black out, next closing report, put an end to appear " long running water, long bright lamp " and forget to close air conditioning (electric equipment) , boiled water furnace and water machine did not cut off the power wait for a phenomenon; Temperature under 8 Celsius or prep above 32 Celsius just can use air conditioning (it is with CCTV weather forecast accurate) .

Popularize green building

As we have learned, carry out office strictly to build a standard with the room; Build project project to should be checked and accept from manage of program, design, construction, inspect, complete wait for each link to carry out a building strictly energy-saving; The new technology that active promotion uses energy-saving environmental protection, new product (equipment) with material of new-style wall body, construction resource is managing model green building; Optimize existing architectural to run government hard, catch fine structure to transform, promotion introduces product of illume of efficient section report, strengthen central air conditioning, heating (cold) wait for bad news can the energy-saving test of establishment, equipment, diagnose, designedly is carried out energy-saving transform, raise structure energy resources to use efficiency; Those who strengthen office building, assembly room decorate control and management, prevent excessive decorate.

Network of blame experience secret file is deferent

The government is carried out turn office without paper, blame experience secret file conveys through the network as far as possible, reduce paper archives to print an amount; Revise draft on electronic agency as far as possible, reduce paper to use up; Must use paper advocate double-faced with paper, can the file of pass round for perusal, cable as far as possible pass round for perusal, reduce duplicate amount. Amount of exact outgoing message, print a document strictly by dispatch amount. Office phone is put an end to dial illicit of news station, public word to use wait for a phenomenon.
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