Winter is indoor kind of flowers and plants- - prevent " air conditioning syndro
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According to the report: Miss Wang assumes office at Beijing Lu Mou unit, because air conditioning is long-term in the center of unit office open, work below central heating environment, miss Wang always can produce a face frowsty, skin does calorific, giddy, bosom urticant wait for a symptom. The doctor call this kind of symptom " air conditioning syndrome " , most permanent worker makes the office worker below air conditioning environment, suffer from easily get on this kind " disease " .

According to doctor explanation, air conditioning syndrome is to point to the person that lays working study for a long time in air conditioning environment, because air is not current, air contains oxygen quantity to reduce, the environment cannot get improvement, difficulty of meeting occurrence n&v snuffle, dazed, breath, sneeze, tinnitus, lack of power, memory drops and skin hair sends the symptom such as dry, easy allergy closely. The air conditioning syndrome on the tradition is show the summer appears this a series of disease, but winter can appear likewise air conditioning syndrome, syndrome of hiemal air conditioning does urticant, face with the skin especially red, giddy, bosom is attached most importance to frowzily. Building voidance to move the main reason of syndrome happening is a room airtight sex is strong, empty poor, wind force does not open gas fluidity smally, for long window, make the humidity of the room and temperature condition become the breeding ground of the factor that cause disease, bring about parasitism of all sorts of microbial many multiply such as mould, bacterium, virus, make people appears thereby a series of unwell symptoms.

Accordingly, doctor proposal citizen should notice when winter uses air conditioning: Working study finishs 45 minutes or so in air conditioning, should leave air conditioning environment, go out mobile activity, breathing fresh air; The ventilator can be installed inside air conditioning house, below the condition that allows in the condition, time as far as possible window take a breath, let indoor airiness; Can put some of flowers and plants indoors humidity of plant adjustment air, avoid a face red, skin doing is urticant wait for a phenomenon, but plant breed is unfavorable and overmuch, the person that has asthmatic disease should be put an end to put a likelihood to wave medicinal powder the plant of dust, lest cause asthma. Working person lays for a long time in air conditioning environment, should drink boiled water more, compensatory moisture, quicken the metabolism inside body.