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Shanghai copper rebounds strong the fall after a rise after Lun Tongchong is tal
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0710 agreement were in Shanghai copper on August 20 beautiful couplet store reduce discount rate drive Gao Kaigao to go, day K line was made up for partly on the graph last week the 4 diving breach that form with Zhou Wu, but maximum price has not touched 63460 yuan any all line, integral trend still is down. Clinch a deal quantity relatively last week 5 gentle enlarge, day decreases a storehouse 2688 hands. The Yangtse River a copper spot price 63000 yuan, go up 700 yuan; China connect standard cathode copper 63200 yuan, go up 1000 yuan.

Below Shanghai timbal encourage, 3 months agreement was in London copper on August 20 the exalted open quotation that 7085 dollars are in, the maximum price on attempt of day K line 7120 dollars had touched 5 days all line, but strong tall hind price fall after a rise, with 7020 dollars the newspaper closes, defend col of 7000 dollars psychology temporarily. Clinch a deal quantity appreciably increases, decrease a storehouse nearly 1000 hands. To it corresponding, london appears cupreous week one 7196 dollars, go up 3% . Week of LME copper inventory 121025 tons one, increase 475 tons. COMEX Zhou Yi gains profit bull is answered spit quits part to go up, close nearly smooth. Period copper closed in September tall 1.3 cent come every pound 3.1595, other contract closes tall 1.60-2.60 dollar to differ. Beautiful to epicycle couplet store move low discount rate, inside and outside dish report is differ.

Answer it's difficult to achieve anything without support actively of Shanghai copper, london period copper 3 months agreement fails to borrow this east wind to cast off last week the block up of 4 apogee, and on to 5 days all the line is shown slightly lack of power. The 3 diving breach that go up with attempt of line of K of Zhou Si day exist awesomely last week. Rebound momently it is thus clear that originate of the marks a price with the dollar commodity that the serve as a foil to of corresponding and fatigued and weak place of the dollar after discount key is low comes out small go tall, market person air is colder still, the cupreous stock that LME house does not issue high is the does not go shadow of bull brandish from beginning to end. The other after relative to Yu Zimei country credit crisis erupts is main of economic system point to successive diving, our country Shanghai is deep two city point to relative stability, showed fight apparently drop quality, flank reflected the current situation that high speed of our country economy develops.

To copper this is planted global commodity, our country is only import country, and the amount is huge, overseas copper period. Synchronism of merchandise on hand takes low case, cupreous price also faces the nation very great pressure. Just fall in the support of our country favorable economic situation, drop outside degree comparing dish slightly light. Fall with respect to the situation that at present global investor is immersed in panic generally, shanghai copper short wire is chased after want high timely stop be filled with. Especially dish rush on the price on the face all below the circumstance that line pressure fails.
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