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Shanghai classics appoint the overall already business that start is energy-savi
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Shanghai the company of 13 keys business such as 19 areas county and 100 couplet group now with Shanghai classics appoint sign energy-saving fall book of responsibility of bad news target, this action is indicating Shanghai commerce is energy-saving fall bad news job is started in the round.

Current, specific power consumption of Shanghai industrial and commercial industry occupies the 80 % of total specific power consumption of Shanghai whole town, among them commercial specific power consumption occupies 19 % . Each trade that defines according to Shanghai government is energy-saving fall index of bad news task, to 2010, 10 thousand yuan of commerce increase Shanghai photograph of value specific power consumption should drop than 2005 15 % .

Show according to preliminary count, the large trade establishment that Shanghai has above of 5000 square metre evens more 500, basically center in major of inn of large supermarket, general merchandise, shopping centers, large home appliance the industry condition such as inn, because be installed generally among them,use the high cost such as cold ark of central air conditioning, cold storage, automatic staircase can facilities facilities, because bazaar sheet is creditable,accumulate bigger, business hours at the same time longer wait for an element to bring about the sources of energy to use up bigger also.

As structural adjustment of commodity, service and the improvement that consume an environment, commercial specific power consumption still has ascendant tendency. For this, shanghai classics appoint made clear this year target, namely 10 thousand yuan of industry increase value specific power consumption to drop 6.2% , 10 thousand yuan of commodity increase value specific power consumption to drop 3 % . Shanghai classics appoint undertake administrative supervisory through energy-saving to commerce job, strengthen information to communicate through a variety of means popularize application with the advanced technique, make about give aid to policy, make an appointment with an unit to execute target assessment to the autograph, formulate begin " retail trade is energy-saving the action " executive plan, built once a week system of energy-saving job regular meeting.

In the meantime, each unit also was adopted in the light of oneself characteristic all sorts of energy-saving fall bad news measure. 100 couplet group above of 5000 square metre large trade establishment is labelled energy-saving fall the key of bad news management, subsidiary provides absolute technology personnel related the requirement, strengthen a business energy-saving foundation management, will energy-saving fall bad news target fulfils every dot, everybody. Bright food group asks farming company of industrial and commercial supermarket builds energy-saving design standard to building a project to be carried out in the round, begin energy-saving and integrated evaluation, debug to construction, complete is checked and accept, moving management carries out whole process energy-saving examine.
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