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The government purchases proportion of energy-saving air conditioning is small a
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A few days ago, general office of the State Council allotted the announcement that purchases energy-saving product compulsively about establishing a government, the product with point out choice share remarkable, function compares energy-saving result mature gives purchase compulsively. Not come singly but in pairs, not long ago, the branch also is in those who consider promoting air conditioning related the country can effect standard, to March 2009, decide fast air conditioning to enter city doorsill will by active of 2.6 can effect arrives than rising 3.2. But for current market, 9 voidance attune did not reach energy-saving level. Of national policy come on stage, increase the research and development of energy-saving product to pushing a company, have decisive sense undoubtedly.

The government purchases a company compulsively active follow-up

A group of investigation data that come from a country to concern a section show, orgnaization of our country government year 5% what electric power uses up gross to occupy total wastage of countrywide electric power, energy cost exceeds 80 billion yuan. Additionally data shows, the average per capita of governmental orgnaization is equivalent to 19 times of average resident with n.

Our country " 915 " program compendium puts forward, to 2010 specific power consumption of 10 thousand yuan of GDP of Chinese reduces 20% the left and right sides, main contaminant to discharge decrease 10% , label its main tie sex index. Regard a country as the government organization, give out right now " the announcement that purchases energy-saving product system compulsively about establishing a government " , developed very good policy undoubtedly oriented action.

This announcement points out, preferential the energy-saving product that purchase should accord with following condition: It is the product belongs to a country the energy-saving product of attestation of orgnaization of energy-saving product certification, energy-saving effect is apparent; 2 it is product production lot bigger, the technology is mature, quality is reliable; 3 it is the product has more perfect supply system and good after service ability; 4 it is the conditional requirement that product supplier accords with a government to purchase a law to purchase a supplier to the government.

It is reported, the amount that the government purchased 2006 achieves 350 billion yuan, predict to will amount to 500 billion yuan this year, this huge number to the enterprise, have tremendous allure undoubtedly, become numerous enterprise to contend for those who feed " cake " .

The government purchases energy-saving product policy compulsively carry out, brought turning point to air conditioning enterprise, the industry expresses to will increase the strength of research and development of energy-saving product in succession. Annals headroom moves Huang Tonghua of minister of public concern ministry to divulge, mark is high already developed effect of internal energy going abroad air conditioning of more harmonic than deciding fast sky highestly frequency conversion, plan to perhaps falling next week next week, hold a news briefing, will taste newly push to the market. Introduce according to him, new and high close research and development gives mark decide fast air conditioning, can effect comparing is as high as 4.75(EER) , be head and shoulders above what the country sets to decide fast air conditioning one class can 3.4 of effect standard; Of frequency conversion air conditioning can effect comparing is as high as 7.4(SEER) .
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