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Build building of hasten of place of energy-saving general trends to transform T
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Recently, construction ministry was announced about fulfilling " the State Council about print and distribute energy-saving the announcement that reduces an omnibus work program " executive plan. This plan discloses, in " urban estate develops management regulations " in editing, when building the regulation commodity house to sell, be in the file such as business contract, guarantee of quality, operation instruction handbook must carry bright the information such as energy consumption, energy-saving measure.

The building is energy-saving if person meaning reporter interviewed understanding to arrive a few days ago,carry out very much, now many Beijing buildings dish the selling with had begun to regard as energy-saving environmental protection important is nodded. Many villages coil through using the sunshade outside aluminium alloy shade, hollow glass, medium water reclaims use, the technology such as heating of floor mood report, make community building facilities reachs the newest and energy-saving level that builds a department.

It is reported, what our country has 2 billion square metre every year about is new add building gross, the building carries out a circumstance actually energy-savingly and all not be like person meaning. The structure that builds a department nearly two years is energy-saving and special inspection report shows, our country builds a building to implement energy-saving standard scale inferior, different district is very lopsided also.

Construction ministry visited town to 16 2005 3000 many in build a project to undertake investigating, the building of construction of energy-saving design standard is pressed in construction process, the scale of northern region is 50% , the scale of cold region is not worth Xiaredong 20% , the scale of warm area is not worth Xiaredong 10% .

Came on November 28, 2006 on December 16, construction ministry developed the whole nation again the building is energy-saving reform an examination with system of heat addition of northern region town. Compare the year before last year, a few build a building to come true basically already to be designed by energy-saving standard, energy-saving architectural scale rises ceaselessly. Up to 2006 the end of the year, the scale that each district constructs a project to implement energy-saving design standard in design phase is 95.7% , the scale that construction phase implements energy-saving design standard is 53.8% , can see, still have many development business is jerry to reduce cost.

On the other hand, but second birth the sources of energy changes application to already gained materiality headway in the dimensions in the building, applied area expands ceaselessly. Up to 2006 the end of the year, countrywide town solar energy heats up applied floor area to be 230 million square metre solely, shallow-layer ground can heat up pump technology to apply floor area to be 26.5 million square metre. Meanwhile, system of town heat addition reformed the job to also gain certain headway, northward major area carried out heating to expend " dark fill " change " bright fill " , less city still began heat addition metric and pilot activity.
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