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Attention whole world becomes warm environmental protection is energy-saving be
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The whole world is calefacient already from " ghostliness the menace like " turn into real challenge, the world is awaking, chinese ready-made? 2006 second half of the year, begin to pay close attention to when us " global climate is heated " when the problem, draw up keyword " the whole world is calefacient " , to the GOOGLE on Internet, the result is, foreign report is not little, domestic coverage is not much still, have the news of conference of a few relevant international only.

But, climate is heated had been " be without controversy " fact, its minatory clearly to economy, market and investment. Perhaps do not need very long, the gain ability that climate change problem can begin to affect a business, the share price that affects certain trade from this, especially group of company of oil and natural gas company, mining industry group, construction, common cause firm, airline, automobile and insurance company. Will tell to China, the likelihood is meant, perplex our old producer formula, produce change necessarily.

How objectively look upon this problem? Regard the masses as media, how to let a reader feel the impact of so macroscopical topic and oneself?

At that time, the intellectual reserve of editorial office is apparently insufficient, the material that can find is extremely finite also. Then, editorial office seeks OK and referenced composing and document at the same time, at the same time collective visited national hair to change appoint concerned branch. Over, we open horizon greatly, made clear the affinity of climate change and human activity; Decided reportorial breach depends on can be identical " Chinese youth signs up for " of fixed position " can consume continuously " . And understanding arrives, from " compose is built managing model society " , to approve " Kyoto protocol " , china has begun to assume the heavy responsibility that improves global environment; Protect an environment, it is the underlying demand that Chinese economy grows more.

We discover at the same time, this job is in really start level, some spending data, relevant section just is done; Some data, do not have temporarily; And the relevant data of the concerned public understanding to this one problem, still have no a branch to develop.

Live a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, car opening a name, buy luxury, love the new and loathe the old on consumption... now, the advertisement that take turns bomb, nowhere is absent, prize is worn the desire that people has money. But tellurian resource is becoming less and less, if a lot of people the apiration act according to oneself, be afraid the resource that has an earth again is insufficient also. This is everybody some feelings, but what concern do this and everybody have again? Who knows?

U.N. climate group issued the sternest at that time warning, think human activity is making global air temperature elevatory. The enterprise of world each district, will be faced with come from political circles, superintend the pressure with medium, ask they make a response to climate menace. So, where is consumer? The main one party in supply demand relations, consumer can passive by enterprise drawing? Not be of course.
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