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Look for is energy-saving ability revises a project " can effect borrows money "
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The month on the bank that start line of business rolls out domestic head money in Nanjing " energy efficiency project borrows money " , use technically at supporting an industry project of the energy-saving technical reformation that decrease a platoon, but up to now this kind of loan fails to send put brushstroke. Also ever a few enterprises search actively come, because do not accord with policy,ask however, in the first close to fall into disuse. Can does effect borrow money how at an early date is special fund special? It is reported, province classics trade appoint had intervened this matter, between enterprise and bank pull wires builds the bridge.

"Can effect borrows money " domestic initiate

Of the bank that start line of business can effect loan fund originates international banking firm, total dimensions has 4. 600 million yuan of RMBs, use technically at supporting following projects of the enterprise: Purchase the energy-saving equipment, item that improves energy efficiency, wind energy, solar energy, firedamp, live thing is simple can, the development of new energy resources such as hot pump of source of fountainhead / land and the skill that use change a project to wait.

According to introducing, it is 1, 5 years period in long-term project borrows money, amount of single item loan is 1600, 40 million yuan, on foundation of standard interest rate interest rate rise does not exceed 10 % . "Loan amount is not large, those who suit is medium and small businesses, and the bank approbates assure kind is quite full also. " Zhang Chunfang of department of firm of branch of Nanjing of the bank that start line of business said yesterday, borrow the equipment below money to mortgage for instance; Borrower opens bail account in one's own profession, special use at depositing loan to repay reserve, lowest is two period still lend amount; Loan remands and utility service is supplied bind it is OK to wait.

A few projects cannot pass primary election

Loan amount condition of not big, interest rate is favourable, assure kind is full, can effect loan gets very quickly the attention of a few small companies. The bank that start line of business ever had received several advisory telephone calls in the day, however one also " to going up eye " . Zhang Chunfang says, for instance dwell glow power plant of a little power, want to be opposite 13. The firepower generation set of 50 thousand kilowatt undertakes ability changes; North Jiangsu factory of an urine mud, also think have the aid of can effect loan undertakes to his kiln furnace ability changes, was rejected by the bank.

"These businesses are clear not ability changes to there is not vivosphere for certain in the future, but they are credit policy how-to in the industry that needs adjusting control, because this cannot get the support of bank financing. " steely, cement, electroanalysis aluminium, in recent years by the country the main industry that 7 ministries and commissions point to to to cause investment overheat needs to accelerate structural adjustment, coming to those who apply for loan actively just is the small company that needs to be washed out among them.
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