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Contract the sources of energy manages: Treat specific power consumption " energ
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Gas element has " killer of coal industry number one " say, and nowadays, new science and technology lets this " the enemy " bow one's head, become the clean the sources of energy that can generate electricity. In mound new Bureau of Mines, a power station that uses gas to serve as raw material is already safe move more than two years, arrive at present, this power station created nearly 15 million yuan not only generate electricity benefit, more decrease a platoon to count the greenhouse gas such as ton of firedamp. More admirable is, realize all these, mound new Bureau of Mines did not invest a minute of money.

The help mounds new Bureau of Mines changes gas useless to be treasure, it is in our country the energy-saving domain that decrease a platoon is called " the first good doctor " Liaoning can send great exploit group.

Come a few years, through carrying out " contract the sources of energy manages " the energy-saving service mode of this one innovation, can send great exploit group to be in our country exploration of the energy-saving domain that decrease a platoon gives a new way. Up to this year in June, can send great exploit already accumulative total implements energy-saving project 277, add up to realizes energy-saving capacity coal of 1.93 million tons of standard, the carbon dioxide that decrease a platoon 1.68 million tons of carbon, the energy-saving benefit that innovation gives exceeds 400 million yuan.

The energy-saving new pattern of mutual benefit win-win

Wasteful the sources of energy also has an industry to invest value! A lot of people may understand hard, but can send great exploit group to be done so namely.

"If compare large family of specific power consumption into ' patient ' , so, energy-saving service company as ' doctor ' . And need not ' patient ' invest a minute of money, suit the remedy to the case, open a curative effect remarkable ' energy-saving prescription ' , obtain cent to become income from inside managing the sources of energy again next. " province classics appoint resource is managing department chief introduced to the reporter " contract the sources of energy manages " quintessential place.

In the past, the enterprise is carried out energy-saving transform a project, facing a such problems above all, spent Qian Jin namely is travel energy-saving after transforming after all can section how many can? Can investment get benefit? Because all risks of energy-saving project are assumed by enterprise oneself, so, potential huge risk lets numerous enterprise hesitate to move forward all the time. And can send great exploit group to carry out " contract the sources of energy manages " the investment that serves to be able to dissolve a company fitly transforms a risk, it tells a company with real operation: Energy-saving transform can realize 0 investment, 0 risks completely. Group of Shenyang chemical industry is home's large chemical industry group, the bad news that also is Shenyang city at the same time can large family. Previously, the cost of specific power consumption of this enterprise holds manufacturing totle drilling cost almost 30% the left and right sides. The enterprise once also hoped to use technical reformation to come true energy-saving, but the equipment that counts 10 thousand yuan thousand at every turn transforms charge to let enterprise be terrified by the sight of sth or sb. With after can sending great exploit group to sign energy government contract, can send great exploit " suit the remedy to the case " , offerred the sources of energy to diagnose for the enterprise, the systematization of the one a complete set of such as choice of plan design, technology serves. Enterprise originally old old deep cold made the system such as nitrogen, diaphragmatic electrobath get transforming. The process is here medium, chemical group need not be thrown, the section energy after be being transformed repeatedly even dogs, safeguard daily etc by can send great exploit this " energy-saving doctor " responsible. Inside contract period, chemical group requires a basis only contract, take out an economic energy resources to spend charge, with " energy-saving doctor " divide into.
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