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Make compulsively publish the air conditioning in saving public market to clean
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Ventilated system sanitation runs first public air conditioning of countrywide that weaves by Beijing health bureau standard -- " public concentration ventilated system sanitation runs air conditioning standard " had begun to be carried out compulsively at rising on August 1. By desolate the air conditioning of for a long time cleans course of study to wait eventually came opportunity.

Clean industry latter and special busy

After the compulsive level that about air conditioning ventilated system sanitation runs publishs Beijing, each are enterprise or business the unit begins to clean air conditioning include program, air conditioning cleans course of study to begin to rise busily.

August broiling in the morning, " the market signs up for " the reporter follows an air conditioning cleans a company, come to Beijing east 3 annulus hotel of class of a 4 stars, witnessed air channel of this hotel air conditioning clean a process. "The beginning of the year begins this year, our portfolio increases somewhat, we received 78 only business first half of the year 2007, this has been equivalent to 2006 portfolio of a year, the closest case is better, can receive the telephone call that advisory air conditioning cleans everyday. " Qi Weinan tells the vise general manager of limited company of management of property of new source of Beijing all places that is in charge of be being cleaned this the reporter, at present guesthouse gets air conditioning pollution is the most serious, supermarket next, office building ranks 3.

Since August 1, " public concentration is empty move ventilated system sanitation to administer a standard " begin to be carried out in the round. Set in new standard, autograph of 122 Olympic Gameses makes an appointment with Beijing restaurant is in the end of the year must finish air conditioning this year the examination of ventilated system. Be united in wedlock " public wholesome regulation " , undertake condemnatory to doing not have the place of up to mark. New standard is strong and ecbolic the society is known again to what air conditioning cleans, already rose to carry out the level. The personage inside course of study thinks, new standard has tremendous effect to promoting the development that cleans an industry, from consciousness education and practice level conduce to the drive that urges air conditioning to clean an industry to enter high speed to develop.

In covering a process, the phone of Qi Weinan office rings for many times, it is to refer the telephone call that cleans business. "After new standard comes on stage, everyday ten phones clean business in advisory air conditioning, at present the company is in charge of the central air conditioning of guesthouse of class of a 4 stars cleaning the job, still have a few business in addition in negotiating at the same time. Still have a few business in addition in negotiating at the same time..

Do not grant from what begin pay attention to, after arriving wait-and-see, arrive again nowadays seek advice actively, the idea that can say a businessman begins to be changed toward positive direction. To cleaning an industry for, this is a change that makes a person glad.
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