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The expert appeals the government sector publishs air conditioning to need stand
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"With our country 130 million air conditioning retains quantity computation, the whole nation is annual only air conditioning waits for functional bad news to achieve 3 billion degrees of above, heart of this kind of involuntary Jing of wasteful fear eye! " on August 20, the annals upper air that holds in Beijing moves 1 tile to bide one's time double energy-saving taste newly appear on the market on the news briefing, the branch comes on stage related government of concerned expert appeal " air conditioning needs standard of functional bad news " , with driving air conditioning domain in the round " 1 tile plans " carry out.

Chief expresses related association of Chinese home appliance, air conditioning bides his time energy-saving all the time since was not paid close attention to, the industry also does not have relative standard, down to is become " blind area " . Mark is high take the lead in will waiting for functional bad news to fall to 1 tile, creativity ground came true to switch on the mobile phone, bide one's time " double energy-saving " , if entire industry can achieve this level, this is right energy-saving will be tremendous promote.

It is reported, needing functional waste time is to point to after putting out wiring, be in bide one's time electric power the sources of energy still is wasted below the function, the significant specific power consumption that arises in use process with the product is different. Occupy an expert to calculate, of family of our country city wait for functional bad news on average to had taken total specific power consumption 10% the left and right sides, be equivalent to light 24 hours of a 30 tile " long bright lamp " .

Wait for functional cost issue to already became the popular topic that international society pays close attention to generally, arrange of international the sources of energy (IEA) is in early rolled out energy-saving proposal 2000 " 1 tile plans " , aim to will wait for functional bad news to fall to 1 tile the following. This one proposal got Euramerican, Japan, Australia, China is answered actively what wait for a country.

In recent years " energy-saving " already became firm of each big air conditioning advocate the key that push sells a site. But the energy-saving design when manufacturer of great majority air conditioning pays attention to accident to go only, what publicize " energy-saving product " just also be aimed at character of moving from time to time, and to the product " bide one's time energy-saving " research and development is a blank.

Mark is high take the lead in fill this is blank, of the newest research and development that its roll out " double energy-saving " product, open accident to go can effect value is 1 class, wait for power of functional bad news to be 1 tile only, bide his time than groovy air conditioning province report is made an appointment with 70% . It is reported, this is Chinese head money will wait for functional bad news to fall the energy-saving product to 1 tile.
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