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Product of pump of our country screw makes a technology develop process and curr
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Odd screw pump was 1932 invent by French engineer Moineau, make a product by company of German PCM pump. 3 screw pump was 1931 be invented by Swedish IMO company and make. Factory of pump of industry of city of our country Tianjin develops a success at the beginning of 60 time marine high-pressured little flow 3 screw pump, patulous for major of pump of odd, double, 3 screw factory. Factory of Shenyang water pump produces pump of double, 3 screw at development of 60 time metaphase, 70 time develop a success 5 screw pump. After the 2AC screw milling machine of the production technique that factory of Tianjin industry pump recommended German Allweiler company 1984 and British Holroyd company and equipment of form a complete set, our country just begins batch to produce screw pump. Lagged behind 20 years full than abroad.


Through since 1984 development of more than 10 years, our country already had plant of screw pump major at present nearly 30. Main manufacturer has:

Factory of pump of industry of * Tianjin city: Introduced Allweiler company to make a technology 1984, flower milling machine of screw of Holroyd company 2AC reachs device of its form a complete set, introduced milling machine of tornado of screw of numerical control of company of Linsinger of technology of German Bornemann company, Austria 1993, with 2AC -- L, 5AC screw milling machine each one, introduced HNC35SL of German Klingelnberg company to control grinding machine of high accuracy screw entirely 1998. Produce per year pump of odd, double, 3 screw to make an appointment with 6000.

Factory of * Shi Shoushui pump: Introduced technology of Czech Sigma company and hollow canal suppress 1989 equipment of rotor of odd screw pump.

Factory of pump of lever of music of production company of machinery of * Xi'an far east: Produce per year oil field to make an appointment with 600 with odd screw pump.

Factory of pump of other odd screw has * : Factory of pump of screw of factory of total factory of Hangzhou water pump, Lanzhou water pump, Zhejiang Dong Yang, Shanghai is light industrial and mechanical machinery plant of oil of factory of pump of the machinery plant of chemical industry of river of technical institute, pacify, screw in having Xi Liang, Beijing, Jia Xingshi is oily machinery plant, medium.

Factory of pump of * double screw: Outside the pump that eliminate a day and Shenyang pump, still have back of Jiangsu the Huaihe River general machinery plant and Guangzhou dockyard machinery distinguish a works. Produce per year a quantity to be in hundreds of commonly.

3 screw of * pump factory: Outside the pump that eliminate a day, Shenyang pump, orchid pump, still have machinery plant of project of water of factory of Nanjing industry pump, Shanghai. Hind two produce per year a quantity less.

5 screw of * pump factory: Only manufacturer -- Shenyang pump factory will make over unripe property right to give day pump the plant.
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