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Plan to build form a complete set of large heat and power plant to be in charge
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Western the city zone hopeful of 926 thousand person leaves earthy central heating, implementation centers heating. The reporter learns from Jinan municipal government, concerned branch plans to invest 2.6 billion yuan, in western the city zone builds a large heat and power plant. Among them, room of t-shaped hill boiler will take the lead in this year heating.

Western pagoda tree of settle of heat and power plant shade

As we have learned, as provincial capital western the amplification of the city zone, infrastructure builds opposite lag, central heating of the boiler of small-sized coal fired that 90 much dwellers can build oneself with dispersive unit and individual only, earth is given priority to. This is caused western efficiency of means of heat addition of the city zone is low, heating coal consumption is tall, environmental pollution is heavier.

Concerned personage tells a reporter, center heating to let these dwellers also can come true, prove through relapsing, jinan city plans to invest 2.6 billion yuan, in western build a large heat and power plant. Optional location of heat and power plant is in the urban district western northwest direction makes an appointment with 12 kilometers, side of north of village of Zhao of oily shop sign of division of pagoda tree shade. Current, the construction of the heat and power plant plans to already was proved through the expert western, already had made the preparation of early days for construction.

According to the program, the heat addition limits of the heat and power plant is western, north comes the Yellow River, party home reachs south piece area, segregation of river of Xi Zhiyu accord with is taken, yellow hillock road, aid neat road reachs east, pagoda tree of the edge after Xiang Na arrives at aid neat road and mouth of across of Zhang Zhuang road shade area bound is outspread to Qing Longshan north thes foot of a hill or mountain, next to Naxin Zhuang Xilu comes on the west, cover an area of 202 square kilometer, among them area of pagoda tree shade area of 132 square kilometer, crossover the area in 11 square kilometer, city 59 square kilometer.

Jinan city is returned will with south the boiler of other heat addition that the t-shaped hill heat source of outskirt heat and power plant divides factory and plan construction gives priority to heat source of peak wanting accent, heat addition is in charge of a net to use means of heat addition of tall tepid boiler circulation, span of north and south makes an appointment with 20 kilometers, thing span makes an appointment with 15 kilometers, the main force after building is in charge of area of net heat addition to be able to achieve 28 million square metre, heat addition rate is centered to be able to be achieved inside area 70% .

Room of t-shaped hill boiler takes the lead in heating

As we have learned, build western ability of heat addition of heat and power plant covers with tiles for 5.6 million million, can cover with tiles to 6.85 million million most, this heat and power plant by the country electric group invests construction, built entirely 2010 and investment is used. Concerned personage expresses, when the heat and power plant is being built western, still reserved extend room, after building, assure western heat addition of the city zone should be no problem.
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