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Beijing winter heating starts 98% users formally to exceed 16 ℃
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"18 ℃ , your home room temperature is eligible! " on November 15 morning, city municipal canal appoint heat addition does chief to measure lukewarm. According to statistic, heating head day of 98 % sample measured lukewarm user room temperature to exceed 16 ℃ .

On November 15, the area of heat addition of nearly 120 million square metre of heat addition of group of city heating power begins formal heat addition entirely. Area of outskirts of a city offers heat boiler room to also ignite entirely centrally, according to governmental demand heat addition. City municipal canal appoint, group of city heating power and unit of each heat addition all sent a person to go to an user on November 15 measure in the home lukewarm.

On November 15 morning, in home of aunt of Pan of garden of abundant of sign of abundant stage division, show indoor temperature had achieved 19 ℃ on the thermometer. She tells a reporter, the central heating this year is hotter than in former years. Before when heat addition, their home still must open two report to warm implement just go, did not need completely now. Pan aunt says gladly: Unplug excuse me of condyle of  of Min of Mei of brandish of disease of Zan of clump of the tenth of the twelve Earthly Branches of an ancient unit of weight of axil  ∷ ! ?

Municipal canal appoint concerned controller discloses, hot line of service of city heat addition debuts from 7 days to 14 days, already received hear 2050 telephone calls, among them, 912 refer the question such as the reform that heat up cost, 971 are time of advisory ignition heat addition. On November 15, hotline of service of city heat addition is received listen to 1348, the phone that mirrors local temperature not to amount to mark has 983, occupy always receive the 73 % that hear an amount. City municipal canal appoint before heat addition does to already notified concerned management department respectively, go to solve a problem.

From since trying heat addition, hot line of service of heat addition of group of city heating power is received in all hear 1259 telephone calls, slack, central heating does not heat up equipment of the central heating in the home that the user mirrors wait for a problem to already also got appropriate is handled. Since beginning to try heat addition from November 7, produce old old village 24 times 2 times in all line and radiator are slack circumstance, below the rush to repair that runs an unit about heat addition, slack problem got be settlemented in time.

City municipal canal appoint concerned controller expresses, various heat addition is in charge of a branch to will increase examination strength, supervise and urge the problem that heat addition unit solves masses to mirror as soon as possible, ensure dweller room temperature amounts to mark. At the same time will according to " low protect accuse high " guiding principle, the key pays close attention to quality of heat addition of old old village, severe accuse mechanism, bazaar to wait fair build temperature, reduce heating specific power consumption hard.
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