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Installation of multi air conditioning season is not standardized complaint shi
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Into the air conditioning season, room frequently received complaints about the air-conditioning. The reporters found that many problem areas in air conditioning installation, exposed non-standard installation, wedding dresses charges dislocation. Transfer machine for tube tricks Chengdu people to move their new homes before Kwan, using a 5-year air-conditioning is also a move by the demolition of a house moving company. Unexpectedly, when the air-conditioning is encountered bothering. Kwan told reporters: "I am in the area looking for a repair shop for 60 dollars on a good installation fee, install the pipe when the maintenance man found a crease, multi convince me to replace the connecting pipe. For fear of leakage of fluoride, I finally each 80 plus the price of rice nearly 3 meters long pipeline. "Later, when it sold waste discovered that the pipeline is not as maintenance workers have to say can not be used, but also brass, the new pipes have to change much less. Turn it Sister had a feeling cheated. In fact, in recent years, profit margins become smaller and smaller air-conditioning, some unscrupulous businessmen turned to the installation and maintenance on the "brains." Reporter learned from the service center in Sichuan Griffith, trying for the user extended pipeline, Use of substandard pipes and tubes for the user plus the user fee increases and administrative expenses as usual, these are used to resort to unscrupulous merchants. "This may add some additional pipe tube or shorter users, unscrupulous businesses tend to 'avoid leakage caused by welding' on the grounds, with the brand of piping replacement pipes, pipe length difference according to the standard charge the difference." IV Chuange of the relative official told reporters that this is actually a deception, the "trick" is replaced with copper and aluminum tubes according to the user's brass and copper extended part of the charging standard fees. The official also mentioned that Illegal businesses in order to get more benefits, with low-cost, low-quality thin-wall copper tube for users to install, easy to bend or break causing pipe leakage fluoride. Different effects of different materials Air conditioning is not installed, the indoor unit and outdoor unit, connecting pipes packaged separately, are only semi-finished products, on-site installation, connection and debugging, to form a complete operating system. Air conditioning installation, connection The quality and commissioning work is to protect the air conditioner to run the important part. Reporter learned from the Chengdu Institute appliance repair, air conditioning, quality of more than half of the complaints related to quality and installation, including installation due to improper Excessive noise, leaking drain fluoride, etc., while the connecting pipe material is a hot topic of complaints. The reason why consumers value the connecting tube of the material, because different materials, connecting pipes and the use of air-conditioning effect, life has a lot. Investigation by the reporter learned that the current air-conditioning plus possession of three materials: copper and aluminum tubes, thin Wall of brass, copper, the price of three quite different, in which copper and aluminum tube or aluminum tube, said the price of 30 yuan per meter, the price of copper 60 -80 per meter per month. "1 ton of copper 6.35mm diameter copper tube can be pulled about 10,300 m, 1 ton of aluminum can pull the tube diameter of 6.35mm about 26,000 meters. Therefore, the price of plastic pipe is much lower than copper, is also a great difference between using the results . "years from the Mr. Duan appliance repair things, told reporters, "What a good debate with a long brass or aluminum, but I am more than 10 years of experience in appliance repair guarantee in the use of copper on performance and service life of more advantage." Mr. Duan said, the use of copper as long as the inalienable air-conditioning machines, 10 years 8 years still available, most of the time of the first fluoride are more than 5 years, but with air-conditioning tubes will usually 3 years of fluoride . "In fact, the main tube If the pressure is poor, air-conditioning system of heat pipe pressure, deformed or even damaged tubes easily damaged. " Repair shop did not specifically indicate why thin copper tube sales price? Mr. Duan said with a smile: "If we all know that the thin-walled tubes, the equivalent of exposing tell your self.