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Kelon air-conditioning installation sale maintenance Huyou consumers
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2008 to buy air-conditioning, the installation of the pipe is to be increased, in particular, asked the teacher is not brass: The answer is the brass! The results then feel refrigeration not very good. The second year is 26 degrees set bad, basically in the operation of the compressor. The results of the maintenance staff this summer, check it called after reading the first sentence is the master, "who according to the machine, how is the aluminum tubes, pipes are broken, the first trumpet has a fluorine leak!" (Master is their own maintenance staff Kelon ) and then re-crosses the bell, added fluoride. To head this month, would like to open thermal heating was found that no rule of law. Maintenance personnel called home again, saying that fluoride and drain over. (A short period of 3 months to fully leaked) Master said at the time, can not find where the leak, he has no way to bar a person a thorough inspection of air conditioning. To go first. Now there is no more than two weeks of off again. Kelon's sales maintenance also played a few return visits over the phone, but only to ask a question: with air conditioning can begin? (What does that mean? Now can not care that? Months to drain the cleaners, do not then I should call the last two years of fluoridation ??!!) door there is a brass had said yes, and how to changed the tubes. Is broken! Kelon customer service and a couple of times, not the same argument several times, and some explicitly said to be brass, aluminum and some copper pipe that is used. There are a customer service staff is determined that the interface with the external machine may be set to use that section is brass. I have been out dizzy.