Ao Kesi air conditioning borrows international huge hand to be held in the palm
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"This world has the place of champion only, people won't remember the name of runner-up. " show utter word a bit it seems that when this, from Ao Kesi air conditioning " command " when Yao Jiqing is spoken in general manager mouth, the dream of Ao Kesi enterprise already abundantly clear.

At the beginning of August, ao Kesi air conditioning held royal working annual meeting. On the meeting, CEO of area of China of firm of ad of in relief lion of group of the oldest ad also visits Europe the spot, the work of the first phases after cooperating advertisement of in relief lion and Aokesi had concentrative report. The affiliation of in relief lion, in Aokesi air conditioning interior is resonant and enthusiastic, also make the person is opposite Aokesi implementation 2008 of target and even future " champion " dream, had more to expect.

In fact, not only be in interior of Ao Kesi enterprise, the air conditioning industry that is in China likewise, as another " international force " join in, chinese air conditioning is more mature on integral operation, run in the brand on more normative, it is at the same time in the argue with international adversary more do a job with skill and ease.

Right now, be in look focusing again when us Ao Kesi air conditioning on the body of the outback enterprise of this China, we discover, wait for these through personnel of the state-owend enterprise course of study such as Japan, Korea, Europe and advanced technology " international element " join, the brand image of Ao Kesi air conditioning more and more highlight, ao Kesi regards China as air conditioning " leader " the place is more and more prominent also.

[research and development]

Day Han top class engineer together " carry a vessel "

Research and development is an excuse that foreign capital brand often uses attack nation brand, however, more and more facts prove, chinese air conditioning is in domain of research and development already try hard to catch up, even a bit is not as backward as international old brand.

Go up oneself the century begins, ao Kesi air conditioning tries ceaselessly, innovate ceaselessly, in " internationalization " run quickly on the highway. Ao Kesi retains the firm of the international tip such as Japanese Interface company, Korea MI company early or late, participate in the link such as the research and development of Ao Kesi air conditioning and design. Current, ao Kesi already established research center of technology of several states level and postdoctoral workstation, have domestic form a complete set the product line of major of various air conditioning with the most all ready, the giantest dimensions, york of SamSung of successful and allied Korea, United States, network of sale, service spreads all over the whole world.

The Ao Kesi air conditioning nowadays, tens of every year planting products introducing to the market. Regard course of study of Chinese air conditioning as the leader's brand, ao Kesi takes the lead in putting forward " the product is lead the strategy " , developed independently " water protects oxygen " , intelligence is cleaned, C of dimension of temperature adjustment of deliquescent enzymatic antiseptic, puissant dehumidify, intelligence, luminous adjusting control, breath, EMC fights the function such as electromagnetism, ao Kesi is tasted research and development, newly in the product roll out the front row that goes up to had gone in the industry aloof.
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