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The sale of busy season market just ended 2007, before the industry 4 strong annals headroom attune are initiated first new round of bow wave. On August 20, annals is in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan high to waited for more than 10 cities of countrywide to hold the boreal Ao Zhiguang with baronial dimensions double energy-saving air conditioning tastes a press conference newly. On the meeting, annals high spot revealed stage of this domestic head to move, bide one's time double energy-saving taste newly.

American mainstream media is consecutive to the negative report of Chinese meal course of study, make business of industry of American Chinese meal glides considerably...

On the meeting, tall standing vice-president Dr. Zheng Zuyi returns annals to appeal to domestic person of the same trade, should move like attention air conditioning can effect pays close attention to in that way need functional waste time, initiate national function branch to come on stage as soon as possible " air conditioning needs standard of functional bad news " , and drive in air conditioning domain " 1 tile plans " carry out. Come from China chief attends a meeting Xiang Zhigao expresses congratulation in succession related the unit such as society of consumer of Institute of Refrigeration of association of standardization of association of home appliance of academy of home appliance of energy-saving attestation center, China, China, China, China, China.

Double energy-saving Xin Pinqing sweeps market blind area

The author sells a discovery after visitting in the lock of a few Dalian to this city, close most probably the consumer of above had not heard of need functional waste time, it is strange that electric energy still is used up to express below the case that has still one part consumer does not move in electrify to the product such as air conditioning. Also a few consumer bides his time to home appliance product a few electric energy that waste object.

Subsequently, the author guides to a few brands the member that buy seeks advice again, did not find 1 tile to wait for air conditioning of functional bad news in the market. The energy-saving air conditioning that a lot of guiding that the member that buy is recommended to the author, it is the low specific power consumption in moving. Chief expresses to the author related association of Chinese home appliance, this basically is all the time since the energy-saving promotion when most manufacturer pays attention to accident to go only, and to the product " bide one's time energy-saving " research and development is a blank and blind area.

On the meeting, headroom v provided annals to be opposite by academy of Chinese home appliance of this double energy-saving air conditioning detect report. The report shows, when this air conditioning is moving can effect value is 1 class, when bide one's time value of specific power consumption is 1 tile, compare common air conditioning waited for functional bad news to save nearly 70% . Apparent, mark is this high the product came true to bide one's time on the function not only, those who move is double energy-saving, still kept clear of industry blind area, let consumer can select double energy-saving product, created new product to develop way.
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