Industry of solar energy water heater draws near a big investigation of phenomen
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Sunshine of Tsinghua sunshine, Tsinghua the four seasons, it is Tsinghua Beijing University even, these nominal " Tsinghua " , " Beijing University " the solar energy water heater that waits for domestic top-ranking university, can be found everywhere in the market, do then they have a concern after all with these renown school? The author undertook interviewing at this point recently, discover only in name " Beijing University " , " Tsinghua " , " hand in big " the product of title of officer waiting for a name amounts to ten kinds, but the majority is both do not have " association " .

In square of trade of nation of river of any of several hot spice plants 3 buildings author sees, the brand of solar energy water heater that sells here is not much. Hutch defends a ministry to be in charge of Li Jianjun to tell the author, solar energy water heater enters a doorsill inferior, accordingly in the market the product of all sorts of brands amounts to 229 kinds, be in what sell inside stage city district to have more than 10 kinds only. With respect to the problem that the author mentions, li Jianjun expresses: "This kind is hit ' edge ball ' the phenomenon exists really, normally the practice registers a trademark namely, be in again child series is hit ' Tsinghua ' or other names. Actually, these products do not have a relation with renown school, just used the vacuum tube that Tsinghua university develops on the technology. Just used the vacuum tube that Tsinghua university develops on the technology..

Subsequently, the author visited three-cornered of gold of river of any of several hot spice plants inn of distribute of water heater of a few solar energy, distribute " Tsinghua sunshine " Tao Xiaoyang falls greatly to the author " bitter water " . Contented gentleman all the time distribute " Tsinghua sunshine " water heater of card solar energy, but in last few years each district appears all sorts of hitting move " Tsinghua " , " Beijing University " the trade that the product of the brand allows him is done harder and harder. "I this brand is Tsinghua university accuses an enterprise to produce, and it is Chinese famous brand and country avoid check product. " contented gentleman frontier says the edge hands the author a few data. Introduce according to him, "Draw near a school " the product is in river of any of several hot spice plants is not much, compare in the inn of sale of water heater of a few solar energy around highway of Lu Qiaogang iron common, the brand has spaceflight of high-quality goods of violet light of Tsinghua Beijing University, Tsinghua, Tsinghua, Tsinghua to wait. The author has in a mark " sunshine of Tsinghua the four seasons " model of written characters see on propagandist book, manufacturer home fact is a company of Shenzhen, the trademark that registers truly also is mark only in inconspicuous position.

1984, tsinghua university develops a China successfully first are had " AI-N/AI " vacuum collect of the technology heats up a canal, subsequently water heater of Tsinghua sunshine sun gains fame. "Tsinghua " 2 words, become company of product of numerous solar energy to contend for the object that registers. The author learns, there are Tsinghua sunshine and Tsinghua China abundant only on market is to belong to Tsinghua university to control a company with share, and the violet light of spaceflight of Tsinghua high-quality goods, Tsinghua, Tsinghua product that is not Tsinghua university. In addition, beijing University gives only " song of wash one's hair of the four seasons " solar energy water heater has provided technical support, but did not agree with its coronal name " Beijing University " ; Beijing University also had not produced any solar energy water heater.
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