Industry of water heater of Chinese solar energy encounters obstacle of 3 great
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Solar energy water heater with its safe, environmental protection, energy-saving wait for an advantage, cultivated more and more green customer. Groovy the sources of energy waits in coal, oil increasingly nervous, chinese government is advocated energetically energy-saving below the setting that decreases a platoon, the sale of product of this kind of new-style the sources of energy got twice increases.

Official data shows, china is being produced and using the solar energy water heater that takes above of world gross half, solar energy heat uses industrial annual produce to already amounted to many yuan 200. The object that the government designs for this industry is: To 2020, gross area of water heater of countrywide solar energy achieves 300 million square metre, year replace fossil the sources of energy to make an appointment with coal of 40 million tons of standards.

Not long ago, a findings about solar energy water heater let people in the sky see industry of this one rising sun envelop the haze of the move however: The satisfaction to water heater of homebred solar energy spends the client to have 53.9% only, the consumer of more than 40% expresses not to wish to buy solar energy water heater again.

Be what block up is worn after all is the bitter fleabane break out of industry of this rising sun exhibited?

Bad of actor of product numerous and jumbled " double day "

Come from Chinese quality 10 thousand lis of statistic information of a stimulative meeting show, the consumer of more than 50% complains water heater of the solar energy in him home to have " hibernant " phenomenon, accompany and come still aspic of water heater pipeline is blocked up, corrode, the problem such as slack, leakage of electricity.

In March 2006, city has produced Heilongjiang Harbin 5 cases solar energy water heater is cracked because of pipeline aspic, the slack, injury ways of the world that forms glacial scraper-trough conveyer, among them a middleaged woman is fallen in putting scraper-trough conveyer on the ice to be bungled, die.

In July 2007, a girl uses area of Beijing rising sun as usual solar energy water heater (electrified and auxiliary heat function) bathe, the result gets an electric shock deadly. The technical appraisement conclusion of relevant section is: Water heater leakage of electricity.

Have the consumer report of 35% additionally, market thermal efficiency differs water heater vacuum tube, water lukewarm short of washs bath standard.

Quality of brand of water heater of domestic solar energy is uneven, had arrived actor bad " double day " degree. On one hand, "Tsinghua sunshine " , " sun rain " wait for product of a few famous brand to be forerunner with quality from beginning to end, develop quickly in the industry, get the favour of the market greatly; On the other hand, quality of whole of product of solar energy industry is low, satisfaction spends the meaning that be like a person very much.
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