Change from sea Er a development trend that sees home appliance specialization
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In June, the Qingdao of midsummer. Brume of cloud and mist.

Look be like calm sea Er to be in stealthily all the time however large-scale adjust group structural frame, fu Yilou face came back to cause inside and outside of course of study namely recently tremendous sensation. More media borrows machine undertake making an appointment interviewing during consuming electronic exposition 7 years, sea Er is not open-eyed maintain its due strategy is low-key.

In before a few little article, I consume electronic exposition roughly a few trends of general situation and home appliance course of study were done brief elaborate, because this has phone of person of the same trade of a lot of media to communicate, but the opinion on public affairs to sea Er I am careful all the time again careful, because be in,did not make clear before its change, not objective analysis dispute is rational, because this does not accept the viewpoint statement of any media, but a few individual viewpoints in this rich, the character that belongs to just, offer reference only.

In light of the 6 big groups that recombine from Hai Erxin, the biggest belong to white cable group, it includes the 12 old products such as freezer, cold ark, air conditioning and washing machine, this also is the strongest industry of sea Er undoubtedly, especially the freezer of sea Er, washing machine, cold ark has been in domestic be far ahead, home travels together unmanned can regret uses its overlord position, although have challenge of foreign capital brand, but still cannot compare from integral sales volume. But tell objectively, compare with the profit margin photograph of foreign capital brand, the wool interest rate of afore-mentioned sea Er products also wanders in awkward profit margin. Because this is told from this angle, sea Er is large-scale driving home appliance of its whole set to sell a model continuously also is the strategy and market place approach, chase scumble to change might to interlink channel, hai Eryi is making a profit long battle. More important is sea Er is modelled through 20 old brands, fostered mature loyal consumer, they also send force to high end in brand of desirous sea Er. Since white cable group is the main profit origin of sea Er, seamount of bridge of this put sb in a very important position is meaningful. Zhang Ruimin says in open circumstance character for many times, gain of home appliance industry is small be like bit, divide however outside the cruelty that a person of same business competes, more crucial is, piece industry of cable of the state in realising already deeply of type of this kind of cannibalism live, path as additional monarch, this is from this year since the beginning of the year, sea Er brand begins the main reason of decay.

From the point of the market performance of early days, the amount that should say sea Er and individual product group are not powerful, look from professional production point of view, color television, mobile phone, computer all have formidable competitor, achieve dimension, SamSung and the sea letter that are the same as a city to constitute direct competition menace to product of its color television, and Hong Kong of infuse of mobile phone project appears on the market the company produced huge deficit last year, brand of Er of this pair of seas produced not little negative effect on capital market, and the infuse of business of washing machine of high grade asset can say only is passive and for. Those who be worth punctuate is the computer business of sea Er, once upon a time a few years fare badly to send force to today's abidance, the strategy that waits for the tycoon that cross a state with Microsoft, HP, INTEL pulls a hand, ranghaier found the gene that computer business grows gradually. Combine the strongest partner, innovate to the product from flow give somebody a new lease on life, the demand new change that sea Er understands to the extensive appeal force of its brand needs to be based on a client. And Yu Zida presents as leading role number and individual product group, its pressure cans be imagined.
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