The development direction of Chinese sale
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" sale and market " it is the periodical of sale actual combat that Chinese market territory has consequence, authority most. From 1994 since start publication, hold to " practical, professional, authority, internationally " guiding principle doing print and market fixed position, be the same as frequency resonance with Chinese enterprise. Today autumn, meet " sale and market " start publication 10 years during, new the contend of a large award will pull open heavy curtain... Sohu finance and economics pursues solely article direct seeding.

The theme this afternoon is the development direction of Chinese sale, we can be divided into fluctuation two half of a game or contest, we can ask 6 honored guests and us to talk together, if guest can be participated in,make a speech in conversational process.

If have doubt,perhaps what problem can consult our honored guest.

If our speech rhythm is unhappy, I may have the interruption of a few, we introduce the honored guest of first half first.

Enterprise delegate:

Ge Lanshi deputy always - Yu Yao Chang

President of graceful beautiful group - Zhao Jiang

The sea believes a group deputy always - Wang Ruiji

Expert delegate:

Peng Jianfeng - people college professor, famous management consults an expert

Lv Yilin - assistant dean of business school of National People's Congress

Kong Fan holds the post of - Zhejiang surprises to seeking advice from orgnaization president

The honored guest is very self-conscious on the stage cent became two groups: One kind is expert scholar; A kind of entrepreneur.

We hope this dialog forms to discuss, mix on field between person of the more below field, not be many a raise a question, I may a topic, expect each speech that essence of life collects, with everybody introduction this is now is Mr Zhao Jiang,


Our custom sows what advertisement should collect fees to wait for meeting entrepreneur people want to notice, if make a speech from time to tome advertisement content, want to collect fees, sea letter has liquid crystal now, our agree on a three-point law is prior, when criticizing a 10 big companies of influence China in the morning, the show that we see and speech come on, still have waiting for company price is exceeding can tell us with simple word: Is what you say your enterprise is price station still a beneficiary? I think price backside should say the have a contest that is li of level, in the process of this argue, now is temporarily banner.

Productivity of case orchid be an official is taller, the price is the method that the company competes, but cannot commonly used and idiomatic is to found difference, model a brand.

Cannot commonly used cannot be in charge of solely, still use need not?

We are use but we are reasonable use.

Want to add a definition, rational reasonable, .
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