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A lot of enterprises in industry of Chinese home appliance are shifting brand strategy, but the basic strategy that only Hai Erzhen is regarding an enterprise as the brand. The brand sale strategy of sea Er is: Would rather sacrifice speed, interest, also should assure quality, assure famous brand. Do not abandon a brand on one hand, endeavor to make of profit decrease fall lowest, but do not make price war absolutely. What the product pledges the quantity is brand image is important assure and premise, nature need not say more, here we basically carry sea Er the window of extraordinary: Serve and innovate.

1, arrive sincerely forever service

Hai Ershu establishs brand image, one of recipe that promote a brand value are " the service of high quality " . The after service of sea Er can generalize with 14 words: Take away the client's trouble, leave the sincerity of sea Er. 4 measure that this serve from sea Er can see.

24 hours are received hear a telephone call -- the trouble that removes a client

24 hours must somebody is received hear a telephone call, because if bought your product,sea Er feels consumer or the product that consumer considers to buy you, making a telephone call is pair of enterprises approbate and expressed very big hope. If sea Er receives the telephone call that heard a client, customer can remove misgive gets satisfaction. The electric home appliances

24 hours of services reach the designated position -- the trouble that controls a client

If the client's air conditioning became bad,meet already anxious rusty, sea Er 24 hours on call assure to follow pass follow, the unsatisfactory of the client that because problem of air conditioning quality is caused,alleviated on certain level. Everybody can err, because the problem of quality or installation malfunctions,the hard to avoid in the air conditioning product of so large amount has 9 meetings. Sea Er serves the acceptance that reach the designated position 24 hours to control the client's trouble lowest, conserved the fame of sea Er.

Come to serve -- remove the client's trouble

Come to offset the loss of consumer service, present apology, actively, avoided consumer to move air conditioning to the trouble that maintains a place already, saved many time and labor power for consumer, make consumer feels the sincerity of sea Er again, alleviated on certain level unsatisfactory.

5 1 project -- the trouble that takes away a client, leave the sincerity of sea Er

Engineering of 5 one service is:

(A pair of shoes cover 1) . When all service personnel go maintaining home appliance to the client, want to take on one pair of shoes to cover when taking an entrance, avoid flyblown floor.

(2) fills up cloth together. Maintaining to the client for example air conditioning when, want to come down air conditioning discharge, must fill up cloth together in ground overlay, avoid a home flyblown.
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