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Demonstrative task of research of energy-saving and crucial technology starts he
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Assume by Harbin Institute of Technology " 915 " national science and technology supports a plan major project " the building is energy-saving and crucial technical research and set an example " task 4 -- " heat addition system is energy-saving and crucial technical research and set an example " the meeting that start was held in Harbin Institute of Technology on July 21, 2007. Have come from this task 38 delegates of 15 units attended the meeting, of the task attend an unit to include place of courtyard of institution of higher learing, scientific research, product to produce system of enterprise, heat addition to run administrative company.

Since reforming and opening, our country centers heat addition development is rapid, offer house of heat energy bad news not to fall high for the change, the situation that environmental pressure increases ceaselessly, the country established this task. This is be since founding a state, the research task of this way that national first time establishs. Through bidding, harbin Institute of Technology is this task manage an unit, plan research funds 28 million, its China dials research funds 8.5 million.

The heat source that this task involves composition to centralize heat addition system, hot net and hot user 3 much, each link such as development of the engineering design that involves system of urban heat addition, equipment, moving management and the use that heat up an user. Carry the research of this task, those who solve system of urban heat addition is medium peak of attune burning gas, by need heat addition, water pump entrance of energy-saving, hot meterage, heating power changes water is warm move, development of method of the moving design theory of the respect such as microtherm equipment, design, relevant equipment and the problem in moving management, through arranging the demonstrative project of 21 million square metre, sum up experience, promotion application.

The studies positive result application of above can make the specific power consumption of heat addition system is reduced greatly, carry this task the action of actual project, will reach for the engineering design henceforth run an action that reachs to set an example and coach.

The meeting that start by task controller -- Harbin Institute of Technology Professor Zhao Jianing is chaired, institute of project of deputy municipal environment Dean Wang Peng assistant represents Li Liyi of division of science and technology respectively the school and academic speech. Harbin Institute of Technology just repairs harmonious to teach the overall mission with respect to the task, target, research to planned to undertake introductory. Delegate attending the meeting undertook discussion at this point, the conference still divided special subject to undertake delibrate to particular research program. Finally, professor Zhao Jianing is right this second the meeting that start did summary, next the job is arranged and the item such as the management of the task raised a requirement.
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