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System of air conditioning of hot pump of the park on Olympic water is energy-sa
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On July 28, check and accept the park on the Olympic water of consign, pay attention to the protection of water natural resources to use not only, what also pay attention to pair of other energy resources at the same time is managing, implement the concept of Olympic Games of green Olympic Games, science and technology, humanitarian Olympic Games truly.

Suitable justice the park on Olympic water uses groundwater resource, use fountainhead to heat up pump air conditioning to satisfy need of refrigeration of place heat addition.

System of air conditioning of fountainhead hot pump is it is heat source with groundwater, by fountainhead heat energy of ground of hot pump aircrew, shallow-layer collects the heating inside system and building and the air conditioning that comprise for cold system systematic composition.

Compare with traditional central empty phase modulation, air conditioning system has numerous advantage in the center of fountainhead hot pump. It is environmental protection above all, this air conditioning is discharged without chemical reaction and pollution; It is energy-saving next, can effect comparing is extremely tall. In the meantime, this system need not cool room of tower, boiler, moving fare is low, divide achievable outside offerring job of cold, heating, still can provide life hot water. Project of the park on water is in dead water boathouse, advocate bleachers sets two fountainhead to heat up pump computer room, for dead water the boathouse, boathouse that use water and advocate the building such as bleachers supplies hot water of cold, heat addition, life.

Besides air conditioning system, place still is used in great quantities but second birth the sources of energy and energy-saving lighting engineering. The main illume of field comes from 150 solar energy smooth hot season to send circuit light. Monocrystalline silicon of application of lamp of circuit of hair of solar energy smooth hot season is not reversible stream, without Chu Nengtai Yang Nengguang bend over generates electricity technology, already managing the sources of energy, can decrease again discharge, protective environment, and the maintenance-free inside 15 years. Other lamp uses green, energy-saving, efficient, macrobian environmental protection lamps and lanterns extensively. Adoption T5 fluorescent lamp is in charge of illumination luminaries, the fluorescent lamp that compare T8 decreases with n 45% , mercury discharges halve. In the meantime, lamps and lanterns uses capacitance of on the spot extensively to compensate a system, raise element of power of lamps and lanterns, use commutator of high quality electron, control harmonic content, make n is reduced at least 30% , make an appointment with 400 kilowatt, the harmonic pollution that reduces pair of electrified wire netting makes an appointment with 30% power factor to be more than 0.9.

Origin: Website of government of the 29th Olympic Games

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