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Calabash island develops raw material successfully can fuel and aerification boi
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2007 " 6? 5 World Environment Day " , factory of Hua Dong boiler of city of Liaoning calabash island accepts district of Shenyang Yu Hong appoint, the enthusiasm of district government and bureau of area environmental protection invites, attended Shenyang city to spread raw material at bureau of big area environmental protection can boiler job site is met. The spot will be right " not coal fired, do not burn charcoal energy-saving decrease a platoon " live thing is simple can fuel and raw material can fuel aerification boiler undertook the spot nods furnace to experiment, its exert oneself admirably, the energy-saving, effect that decrease a platoon got attend the meeting of personnel reputably, have tens of homes on the spot enterprise or business unit and factory of Hua Dong boiler signed the agreement that order.

Live thing is simple can fuel is the sources of energy of green of a kind of newborn, it is to use straw, wood chip, branch to wait for raw material, via high temperature, high pressure special machine squelchs columnar the fuel of new energy resources of grain, wait for fossil the sources of energy than traditional coal, oil and natural gas, having clean, cheap with reproducible advantage. Live thing is simple can fuel aerification boiler, 100 % use raw material can grain serves as fuel, the combustion of boiler exerts oneself the effect accords with national level, each index that its lave discharges all accords with national environmental protection standard of a kind of area, especially of nitride and sulfide discharge be bordering on 0. Its burn to be equal with common coal originally, it is angry 1/2, oily 1/3, electric 1/5.

Classics of all previous of factory of Hua Dong boiler of calabash island city two years of time, own research and development live thing is simple can fuel fuel and raw material can fuel boiler live thing is simple can boiler of fuel aerification series, fill of with one action the country is blank, caused each square height attention, was included environmental protection of country, provincial key by association of industry of Chinese environmental protection and bureau of Liaoning province environmental protection in succession 2007 practical technology project, be labelled by bureau of environmental protection of city of island of Shenyang, calabash environmental protection product, show a product each district of popular northeast, China north, get the favour of the user. In April 2007, divide the Shenyang city of field as the Olympic Games, its are various decision of environmental protection department, come loose more than 200 of department of urban and rural union before 2008 coal boiler changes raw material can fuel aerification boiler. For this, in June 2007, bureau of Shenyang city environmental protection, hair changes appoint, classics appoint, farming classics appoint, qualitative inspect bureau allotted jointly " pledge about spreading organism can the announcement that fuel and furnace of form a complete set provide " . Recently, expert of domestic each side visits plant of Hua Dong boiler of calabash island city to Liaoning this kind of new-style product of own research and development gave height the opinion, can be a new window that expands area loop economy certainly. To this, " Chinese environment signs up for " , " Shenyang evening paper " with Shenyang TV station style reporter undertakes the spot reports be interviewinged deep mixing, a few enthusiastic at personage of environmental protection, energy-saving career, active comment was published on domestic relevant website and forum.
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