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Hair condensation air conditioning lets new-style steam the building is far from
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Came recently, guangdong complete province has hang out of 89 city county signal of high temperature early-warning, bear of report of complete province daily expense achieves historical record, be forced to be adopted to 20 many city be restricted electric measure. Guangdong is in after maintaining power supply and demand 6 years to balance continuously, appear again this year new posture of round of insecurity that use phone. Wu Yuanwei of vice-president of Chinese Institute of Refrigeration teachs the appeal, alleviate the city should begin from root question with electric insecurity, society and government should give aid to energetically the manufacturing company of energy-saving product, advocate enterprise or business the unit is used truly energy-saving model in the center of air conditioning.

Save classics trade according to Guangdong appoint early before calculate, when air temperature achieves 35 Celsius to control, the 1/3 that air conditioning bear holds level of complete province bear is strong. And the central air conditioning of industrial business and tertiary industy is specific power consumption " heavy disaster area " , electric power is used up " the situation of a disaster " particularly serious. Guangdong is annual because central air conditioning is energy-saving the effect is not ideal and the number of power energy resources of waste is astonishing. Press the statistic of concerned branch, central air conditioning already occupied a city to always use the 30 % of n to control respectively with n, this gives each the city brought heavy pressure for distribution, "The problem with central not energy-saving air conditioning " solve urgently.

Be aimed at power consumption of central air conditioning big " long-standing " problem, guangdong saves company division courtyard to think about the expert, alleviate the city wants to consider from energy-saving respect development with electric insecurity, society and government should give aid to those central air conditioning that have most advanced and energy-saving science and technology produce a business energetically, advocate enterprise or business the unit uses those who have high-tech content, true energy-saving model the air conditioning central. This will from go up at all alleviate the problem with power in short supply energy resources.

Company of industry of Guangzhou China heart and Huanali are versed in the scientific research orgnaization such as the university cooperates together, the research and development with long-term course and debug, its are new-style and super energy-saving model central air conditioning -- equipment of air conditioning of condensation of hairdo of ECOO large evaporate, via China electric and scientific academy detects, this product exceeds level of grade of national energy efficiency one grade level, than the tradition of system of central air conditioning can effect comparing exceeds 30 % above. Its are energy-saving effect gets the consistent recognition of the user such as office of project of Electromechanical of electric power of Hong Kong China, Hong Kong, those who be in Hong Kong area is energy-saving transform a project to go up to already obtained remarkable result. In the meantime, this equipment also by Guangdong science of the center energy-saving demonstrative project of central air conditioning is chosen, will build system of home's most energy-saving central air conditioning, at present appraisal of national level positive result can be being organized in full blast.
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