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Midsummer of clever and ventilated design does not open Guangdong scientific cen
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Atrium forms nature ventilated, midsummer need not cold water of air conditioning Yi Feng is cold; Air conditioning eduction the cold air outdoor can first " trash is used " -- , to additional fresh air drops in temperature; Solar energy act board provide electric energy of exhibition hall cleanness... be about to the Guangdong scientific center that this year the bottom opens formally to the public, be reduced with what high-tech content implementation builds cost and of operation considerably energy-saving fall bad news! Recently class of explore of reporter go ahead of the rest, close quarters understands this a little while energy-saving " clever building " . Building itself is energy-saving big item on display.

Flank overlook, if aircraft carrier hoists the sails; In sky bird's eye, be like ceiba to bloom; Openly posture is greeted, of a mystery " scientific eye " await you to enter wonderful scientific world... last a period of time is built 3 years, the project of principal part of Guangdong scientific center that invests 1.9 billion yuan already complete. "Scientific center is different from other building, must have content of science and technology, we regard it as at the beginning an item on display will build. " deputy office of Guangdong province Science and Technics Agency grows Introduction Zhang Ming, center with " advise others by using one's own experience " means tells the public: Seeking energy-saving environmental protection will be the one old tendency that prospective bldg. develops, will declare a state as Guangdong province the typical project of energy-saving project. "Chimney effect " natural and ventilated

Enclothe by vitreous metope entirely outside building of the main body in original design, and vitreous heat proof quality is more inferior, large area uses inevitable meeting to increase specific power consumption of indoor air conditioning. New plan changes the glass of area of the 6 walls that become act it is aluminium board, increase thicker cliff cotton to enhance its heat proof quality after act wall. Dismiss partial choice has very much exquisite: The need such as corridor, passageway is sufficient illume, the wall still uses glass outside, natural lighting; Exhibition hall part is indoor need artificial illume to design, need not too strong natural light, outside side with shading of aluminium board heat insolation.

This alters, not only because cost uses the price far relatively the aluminium of vitreous petty gain board and reduce greatly, in the operation in the future but managing expense is more considerable! The exterior problem that ever made a person afraid was not adjusted because of using material and " dozen fold " , different capable person is applied character appear instead have administrative levels change more.

Of the center another energy-saving dot is in atrium part. Very strange, the high temperature weather of the 2956 Celsius outdoor, body part atrium is cool however and delightful. But indoor still decorating, did not open air conditioning, cool wind from He Lai ah? The center prepares to construct do amiable chairman to reveal truth: In correspondence of a layer of half basement built on stilts, north and south the position reachs the place such as housetop fastigium to install intake, form draught naturally on one hand, use on one hand " chimney effect " , use each intake to form " on suck next beat " ventilated effect.
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