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Refrigeration new technology buys variety for air conditioning market more energ
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Torrid weather makes today air conditioning market of summer is lively very, in the sales promotion activity that makes a person dazzling in manufacturer of numerous air conditioning, the air conditioning product that the author discovers to two kinds used technology of refrigeration of new cold intermediary, new condensation also begins to come on stage in common air conditioning and market of the air conditioning central. These two kinds of air conditioning cause the reporter's attention all the more, be what use because of both is new refrigeration technology, allege more more energy-saving than traditional air conditioning with environmental protection.

Mention air conditioning refrigeration, what people thinks of is freon, although freezer refrigeration is current already taboo Freon, but the refrigeration worker worker that contains fluorine material to remain air conditioning refrigeration to be used generally is qualitative. But before an air conditioning that before long the reporter esteems mouth of article area china in Beijing sells see, one kind alleges used R410A of agent of refrigeration of new generation environmental protection to replace agent of the original refrigeration that contain fluorine one chloric 2 fluorine firedamp (the air conditioning of new cold intermediary of R22) is already ablaze come on stage. The reporter discovers the air conditioning that uses this kind of new cold intermediary has brand of a few Japan only, line of the products is more onefold, and because the price wants to compare common air conditioning expensive 2000 multivariate, sales volume is accordingly bad also. But introduce according to the expert, air conditioning of R410A of new cold intermediary, lead to the destruction of ozonosphere for 0, refrigeration, manufacture thermal efficiency tall, can make air conditioning implement can effect is made an appointment with than rising 10% , be considered as by international refrigeration bound at present of family expenses air conditioning optimal cold intermediary, before long replacing what use now to contain fluorine refrigeration agent in the future will be inevitable. At present this kind of product is causing a few high end to consume group attention.

In family expenses sky v shows product of new refrigeration technology while, author discovery, central air conditioning also rolled out product of new refrigeration technology, full name of new condensation air conditioning is air conditioning of evaporate hairdo condensation, had passed American patent attestation, belong to the technology of core of central air conditioning of own intellectual property. Occupy academy of Chinese home appliance to detect, this kinds of product exceeds level of grade of national energy efficiency one grade level, with the tradition photograph of system of central air conditioning is compared, but energy-saving 30% the left and right sides.

According to expert introduction, this kind of air conditioning replaced a tradition with technology of evaporate hairdo refrigeration cold technology of the water-cooling of central air conditioning or wind, do not need to install cooling water tower, the construction investment that saved cooling water tower already and specific power consumption, make modern building discharged the worry that builds cooling water tower, can reduce equipment to take up again building space, make a building more beautiful, more energy-saving.
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