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High temperature vapour is made " concentration is offerred cold " when what " h
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"Is concentration offerred cold " cold water from why and come? The author is in from the Anhui province the place with not far point of some village entry discovers, the clearing between two buildings is in, it is this village offers cold lead plane room centrally. On the table that in mainframe house the entrance is in, placing a computer, "It is OK to go up from computer monitoring computer room the locomotive condition of each component, if discover a problem, can in time overhaul. " the staff member says.

"The high temperature vapour that from manager net carry comes to enters unit of the bromic refrigeration that change lithium as motivation, about 7 ℃ turn into cold water after dropping in temperature, in carrying citizen home by the refrigerant pump inside the computer room, " the director of the Song Dynasty of limited company of service of construction of Hefei city heating power says, "In the water that after refrigeration undertaking in citizen home, warms up, will again circumfluence turns lithium refrigeration unit to bromine, form a systemic circulation thereby. Form a systemic circulation thereby..

The effect rivals air conditioning

"Just began this to feel ' concentration is offerred cold ' affirmation is good without air conditioning, " luck of king of provincial capital citizen says: "Can use sensory effect to be differred unlike air conditioning now, leave a little while in the home very cool, can section report, won't make air too dry again. Won't make air too dry again..

Author discovery, "Concentration is offerred cold " be similar to a bit " the air conditioning central " , install coil of a fan in every room, with air conditioning, control switch adjustment by temperature indoor temperature, the boiler circulation inside conduit flows, express convection to have plan cost into water quantity through heat energy. "We open only commonly in the home by day enough, the cheapest still. " king luck old person says.

As we have learned, the village that Wang Rui lives is provincial capital first " concentration is offerred cold " village. Additional, the partial citizen that provincial capital still has two villages also will be enjoyed in succession " concentration is offerred cold " .

Use whether be to one's profit

"Say a honest word, we are managed in lose money in business now, " manager of the Song Dynasty tells the author, take first " concentration is offerred cold " for the village, because be entered rate is not high, use capacity is not much, design ability without what reach unit, accordingly " now is ' car of big Ma La ' , real cost can be same, but do not go on use quantity, call in very hard cost " .

Compare with photograph of family expenses air conditioning, are citizens enjoyed " is concentration offerred cold " whether to delimit come? Director of the Song Dynasty says: "General the house of 20 square metre, ' concentration is offerred cold ' when the citizen will cost 0.7 yuan hourly. The house of same area, if use air conditioning refrigeration, need 1.18 yuan about. Need 1.18 yuan about..
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