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"In the center of family expenses air conditioning " choose and buy 10 elements
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1, as different as method of installation of common air conditioning, small-sized the design installation of central air conditioning must be before bedroom decorate, lead plane carries type on the head through condole (put on toilet condole top even) install or load a built-in wardrobe or cupboard inside, make lead plane cannot see inside the room, integral pattern is more concise and beautiful. The project that chooses this kind of design is building the installation in the process to finish, can install build and repair to become an influence to later period otherwise.

2, air conditioning does not have new wind system commonly in the center of family expenses, even if air hot pump, new wind changes to also can be achieved only 15% . If want to achieve better result, need to add new wind system additionally, for example 100 international apartment prepares Beijing sunshine besides system of amid center air conditioning add new wind system additionally.

3, the opportunity outdoor can arise air conditioning in the center of family expenses certain noise, but not very big, still had better be its installation is on the balcony that is far from a bedroom nevertheless.

4, the area that the opportunity outdoor takes up 1 square metre controls the balcony.

5, the service life of air conditioning is 15 years or so commonly in the center of family expenses, him owner needs to spend money to change when arriving.

In the center of family expenses of choose and buy air conditioning 10 elements:

1, choice. Choice customer satisfaction or after service letter get the household market that cross.

2, goods compares 3. To the commodity of same pattern, same brand, want to consider integratedly from the respect such as quality, price, service.

3, functional choice. Buy the function that those who consider air conditioning system need when central air conditioning, if the system has both at the same time heating, add office newspaper wind and add wet function, increase to filter and remove dust function, increase fresh air pen antiseptic function.

4, adornment. Because air conditioning is prevenient in the center of installation family expenses, after decorating the job to be in, in the center of installation family expenses plan must be decorated certainly when air conditioning, on the foundation that assures air conditioning result, air conditioning the trend of canal of installation position zephyr of indoor machine comes down certainly. Installation of general and indoor machine is inside the local condole top outside corridor, the method that wind canal can use local condole to support concealments rise, deliver the blast tuyere, size that answers blast tuyere and position to place those who appear next.

5, heating. Below general requirement, will tell to odd user residence, do not suggest to put heating and air conditioning together. The reason has 2: It is heating should keep whole of heating period successive, cannot interrupt, requirement of function of system of use air conditioning cannot cut off the power, cut off the water supply, can cause a system to stop otherwise machine. When although be in,nobody live, also want to assure the heating of low limit, freeze in order to prevent indoor knot; 2 it is a heating taller to equipment requirement, once breakdown asks to eliminate as soon as possible, the ability below the case that only user oneself or property branch have maintenance capacity makes sure heating is not sent interrupt. Accordingly, best circumstance is unite heating by property or provide warm hot water, such ability assure to be not interrupted, lest cause undesirable consequence.
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