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Tsinghua just rolls out controller of new generation Techcon VAV together
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Just rolled out controller of Techcon309 series VAV to update recently together edition, the issuance of controller of new generation TechconVAV, make just control a product together familial added new vitality.

TechconVAV controller serves as open model system, accord with the open control standard of LONWORKS and other international in the round, ensured user and compositive business both sides can have more room, select the product of different supplier easily. Since this product puts in the market, the user outside winning country with its agile, efficient characteristic and high-end function is consistent reputably.

Controller of new generation VAV carried on international to go up to control energy-saving concept advancedly, the product is all before holding to technical advantage, introduce the most advanced control technology at the same time, the VAV controller that makes its compare a tradition is more agile and reliable. It has patulous I/O capacity, include 4 general, also can control 8 kinds of demands at the same time, namely the HVAC equipment of any forms -- include substrate, cold / heater of hot tube, fan, lamps and lanterns, multistage, imitate and floating-point valve controller.

Controller of new edition VAV deployed intelligent sensor, group net is agile. It can pass any software that are based on LNS, according to input outputs configuration to choose automatically to handle order, and automatic basis the network is variable, adjust control program. Believe what this series controls a product to roll out, can make just accuse the market to go up in the building together occupational more first machine, make larger contribution to construct energy-saving field.

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