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Thermal resistor heats warm oneself device is seleted invention contest final
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Job of evaluation of contest of innovation of invention of patriot cup Beijing is in what the 2nd justice is in Beijing to supervise below, the expert that already finished intermediary heat evaluates a program, judge piece enter finals project in all 60. Among them the work of number QFC-104P is thermal resistor heats warm oneself device.

Thermal resistor heats warm oneself device (report of lower margin wire is warm implement) it is to use semiconductor material to be heat basically unit, exterior is form of lower margin line warm oneself device. This device lower margin line and warm oneself organic ground union was in one case, do not take up the space achieved the goal that warm oneself again namely. It is the principle that uses hot circulation, edge room all around heat, medicinal powder hot even room does not have difference in temperature at each o'clock, hot air from bottom to top circulates, leave to be heated up namely namely, 20 minutes of rooms can warm up 10 degrees of above.

Use type of lower margin line to decorate, the design is original, installation is convenient, do not take up space, because this device used natural convection means to come loose,still heat up, need not the medium such as water or oil, it is good to because this comes loose,heat up the effect, without run, risk, the problem such as drop, leakage, prevent frostbite. Every make the same score meter of practical area to install engine power to be 40~50W only, energy-saving effect is distinct. Semiconductor material regards high-tech as calorific component. Wait for heating element like resistor silk unlike common heating element. Can ensure service life 30 years of above, brick of installation energy storage perhaps uses wall body energy storage, radiator of line of the lower margin when heating can on the form of will release wall of existence of lay aside of quantity of heat of utmost, common says " a wall with flues for space heating " .

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