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The heat preservation outside the wall outside the building is energy-saving tec
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Our country has the civil construction investment of 1 billion square metre every year to use, the scale that constructs specific power consumption to take total specific power consumption already from 1978 10% rise current 30% the left and right sides. Develop energetically energy-saving model the building already became consensus. And the demand that accompanies pair of managing the sources of energy and protective environment rises ceaselessly, the heat preservation technology that the building safeguards a structure also is being strengthened increasingly, especially outside technology of wall heat preservation gets great progress, make a main building of our country energy-saving technology.

One, outside technology of the heat preservation outside the wall

Heat preservation of the wall outside building what middling uses basically has inside heat preservation, outside the method such as mixture heat preservation of heat preservation, inside and outside. The heat preservation outside the wall is the side outside the wall outside fastening heat preservation insulator park outside, in order to gift the building is good the building of heat preservation heat proof quality is energy-saving measure. Besides function of heat preservation heat insolation, as a result of the side outside the wall outside park of will adiabatic system, make place of main body structure suffers action of difference in temperature to drop substantially thereby, temperature is out of shape reduce, consequently outside the heat preservation outside the wall protects action to arriving since structural wall body and but effective block is broken cold (hot) the bridge, be helpful for the extension of structural life.

2, outside the advantage of technology of the heat preservation outside the wall

With outside photograph of the heat preservation inside the wall is compared, the heat preservation outside the wall has the following advantage outside.

1. improves the service life of main body structure, reduce long-range upkeep costs. Technology of the heat preservation outside using, as a result of the side outside structure of palisade of building of heat-insulation layer park, amortize the stress that because temperature change brings about a structure to be out of shape,arises, the construction that avoided rain, snow, aspic, be in harmony, dry, wet loop to cause is destroyed, harmful gas and ultraviolet ray are right in reducing air of palisade structure erode. Want wall body and select material of heat-insulating material of roofing heat preservation only consequently proper, ply is reasonable, the temperature that heat preservation prevents effectively outside and reduces wall body and roofing is out of shape, eliminate common inclined break or character 8 break effectively.

2. reduces construction cost, raise building usable floor area. As a result of outside insulation material of heat preservation technology sticks in wall body outside side, the its heat preservation, heat preservation inside adiabatic effect excel, reason can make body of wall of main body structure is decreased thin, raise every usable floor area thereby.
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