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England is energy-saving decrease a platoon to subtle move emphasizes " become u
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In recent years, british government rolled out the name is " 0 specific power consumption develop Beidingdu " the project of zoology village, the measure that can reduce numerous length the platoon is centered in village of a small zoology, concept lead and provide originality quite. A few days ago, the reporter had on-the-spot seek by inquiry to village of zoology of shellfish Ding Du.

"0 carbon " lifestyle

This zoology village is located in London south Sa to pause area of area shellfish Ding Du, began construction 2000, built 2002, it is England is the biggest " 0 carbon " zoology community. Whole village covers an area of 1 hectare, club of an a the office division that shares 99 residences, 1405 square metre and an exhibition center, nursery school, community and a football ground, 210 people of mutual dweller, 60 people of staff member.

Does zoology village architect compare Er? Deng Si's special design concept is, build " 0 specific power consumption develop community " , namely whole village is used only but the sources of energy that renewable resources produces satisfies dweller life place to need, do not release carbon dioxide to atmosphere, because this is " 0 carbon " project, its purpose is the solution that shows a kind to be able to live continuously in the implementation in urban environment to people and the good plan that reduce the sources of energy, water and car utilization rate.

Zoology village is located in a residential area. The reporter sees, with only the lie between England of one wall is common what residential style differs somewhat is, the residence of zoology village is about 40 meters tall palm Brown " board building " , share 5, the building of every building has a cowl-like hat worn in winter of a pendulous that follow wind very.

Zoology area develops the Jiessie of the group to block a young lady to say, besides the residence, zoology village still has office area. Do not cross zoology village to have certain restriction to the company of hire office division. Zoology village draws one share from inside the profit that these companies gain, regard promotion as the capital of village zoology environment.

Emphasize " become useless to be treasure "

The design standard demand of zoology village is very high, emphasize pair of sunshine, liquid waste, air and lumber particularly can use circularly, all sorts of energy-saving measure are from environmental protection angle considers, and handy use easily, course proof is cogent and valid.

It is to use sunshine and heating of heat conduction material. Stylist chooses housing materials meticulously and ably loop uses heat energy. All residence Dou Chaona of zoology village, absorb quantity of heat from inside sun's rays for the sake of utmost ground. Every every have house of sunshine of a glass, after summer opens the glass of sun room, become open wide type balcony, be helpful for coming loose hot, the glass that closes sun room in the winter can save the quantity of heat that absorbs from inside sunshine adequately. In addition, all offices Dou Chaobei, besides the quantity of heat that can prevent the generation when all sorts of office set the office to be used besides itself fully so, again additional absorb sunshine to bring about overheat.
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