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Complete function air can machine of hot water of central air conditioning enter
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Recently, the reporter discovers Guangdong Qing Dynasty is far, of Fujian Fuzhou and other places certain build high-end building dish, the hot water equipment of the user uses water heater burning gas alone no longer or solar energy water heater, be united in wedlock together with central air conditioning however, the air that uses the United States can machine of central hot water, water heater cannot see in house, use reclaim air conditioning hot air becomes useless to be treasure, achieve " let air buy sheet for hot water " level of energy-saving environmental protection, the equipment of supply of the hot water central of guesthouse of class of this kind of common Yu Xing appears in high-grade building dish. The personage inside course of study is analysed, landed residence uses air can machine of central hot water will be a kind of trend.

Reclaim air conditioning hot air heats hot water

As the ceaseless promotion of condition of domestic dweller residence and life character, to the ceaseless also grow in quantity of the demand of hot water, villatic, many toilet, room of bath crock, massage bath crock, vapour, warm oneself wait for what clean of high-grade form a complete set provides a product to buy use, make heat up type to light gas water heater namely, solar energy water heater and 80 litres of the following report water heater cannot satisfy domestic need at all. People searchs the water heater product that fits product of new-style residence form a complete set more ceaselessly, accordingly machine of the hot water central originally the notional product that the hotel uses, also begin to turn to a family to use.

Recently, beautiful central air conditioning is rolled out " the first collect makes the whole world hot, refrigeration, make take life hot water in the center of the number at a suit machine of air conditioning hot water " , in refrigeration while can use be discharged so outdoor " hot air " , make freely take life hot water, traditional air conditioning is to pass cold intermediary to go to move of indoor quantity of heat outdoor when refrigeration discharge, although adjusted indoor temperature, but discharge the quantity of heat outdoor to be wasted for nothing however. And these quantity of heat however as it happens is air can hot water chance is the best heat source. Machine of air conditioning hot water uses the principle that cold intermediary photograph changes just about in the center of beautiful number, discharged before outdoor " hot air " time close to make take life hot water, can use at a variety of utility such as bath, cleanness, come true many bits indoorer water of 24 hours of central heat addition.

And support cold quantity, quantity of heat two-way use, classics authority orgnaization and many industry expert are integrated attestation is integrated can effect is as high as 6.55. Because the hot water of generation is the by-product of process of air conditioning refrigeration, so of hot water getting is completely free.
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