Plan of domestic air conditioning chooses discuss
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As people living standard rise, the person that buys a house is increasing, the house buys older more, also mentioned the order of the day to the requirement of comfortable sex, when choosing air conditioning, can consider a variety of plan, be like fission machine, lug 2, lug is much, small-sized central air conditioning. What factor should consider when are we choosing so?

It is applicability above all, how much is your house clear height for instance, if be less than 2.7 meters, cannot install horizontal so small-sized central air conditioning, because horizontal dark outfit is indoor now,machine ply is 265mm left and right sides commonly, if the height after condole supports is less than 2.4 meters, criterion the room can appear too depressive. If indoor machine uses pipe of vertical leak out, need to a space installs indoor machine. Consider even additionally whether some places put the machine outdoor, the machine outdoor is mixed by square commonly rectangle two kinds (the level is sectional) , the wants 1 meter to have 1 × place of form of the other side, to the rectangle have 1.5 × at least 0.6 meters space. Fission machine also has adaptability problem, whether does that have so much place to register outdoor chance namely, especially 3 rooms the house of 2 hall above. If the layer is tall inferior and because structural relation does not have so much place to hang,put the machine outdoor, can choose the unit with much lug only.

If house layer is tall taller, have the space outside enough room ben again, can use fission machine again already that is to say small-sized central air conditioning, so be about to do compare in the round, the rationality that chooses from comfortable sex, economy, bear respectively below and those who safeguard is convenient 4 respects come to the gender quite.

1. Comfortable sex, small-sized because central air conditioning gives blast tuyere position to be able to undertake arranging according to need. Often install so relatively reasonable, and its wind speed relatively fission plane is small, so indoor the feeling that did not air, whole area temperature is balanced in the home at the same time, structural accumulation of heat, be in whole environment to the body is same temperature spring, the autumn, its are so comfortable the gender affirms machine of prep above fission.

2. Economy, current the price of the market, small-sized central air conditioning is installed to the project as a result of drag in, so its component than fission machine much, its total cost wants chance of prep above fission 50% above. And we still are done not have now open is all at the same time the habit of bedroom air conditioning, often be the person opens which air conditioning which, fall in such use condition so, small-sized the moving charge prep above of central air conditioning uses fission machine.

3. Bear chooses the rationality that match, we are the following room make quite (3 rooms 2 hall) , 3 rooms are 12 square metre, 12 square metre, 16 square metre, sitting room respectively 30 square metre, dining-room 10 square metre, other area adds up to 25 square metre (wholesome, kitchen, corridor) , in all 106 square metre, if we select fission engine, it is 2 commonly 1, 1 1.5 (considering advocate defend) 1 3 are used for sitting room, dining-room, need 6.5 to make an appointment with 1625W in all so. If choose,match small-sized central air conditioning, with every square 100W plan, need 10500W to be less than the total negative charge of fission machine, and wholesome, kitchen has air conditioning, winter need not match warm fan additionally. From bear anthology match, anthology match central air conditioning more reasonable.
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