Business serves manual with air conditioning
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(one) the bag repairs content
Below the premise that accords with packet of long condition the user can be enjoyed repair freely, change the service of spare parts.

(2) the bag builds time
Division power business is executed with air conditioning overall guarantee a year half, the bag is repaired period leave to rise according to buying the day of machine bill to calculate with the user.

(3) the bag compiles an evidence
Repair in the bag period inside, when division power business uses occurrence breakdown of air-conditioner group itself, user by the product 3 packets of prooves reach effective bill to sell company or agency newspaper to repair to force of squares formed by crossed lines of division force district, the product name on the proof, model, number (or form code) must the name with the product that be repaired, model, number (or form code) consistent. If the user cannot offer a bag to compile an evidence, cannot enjoy guarantee freely service.

(4) the bag trims range
Classics engage by special arrangement maintains trade or appraisal of division power company is belonged to truly make undesirable the quality problem that pose, belong to free bag to trim range.

(5) one of following cases person, do not belong to a bag to trim range, but can execute collect fees repair
1) because business uses the damage that air conditioning causes when perch, installation (installation unit loses all is in charge of) ;
2) during be being debugged with air conditioning as a result of business, debug undeserved or the non-professional debugs those who cause damage;
3) because the user is used, safeguard, custodial and undeserved cause damage;
4) oneself tear open the user to move or assume do sth without authorization of the person that guarantee to tear open via be not move the damage that cause;
5) do not have 3 packets of prooves and effective bill;
6) the name of aircrew of the air conditioning on 3 packets of prooves, model, number (or form code) with the air-conditioner that be repaired the name of the group, model, number (or form code) not agree with or of alter;
7) because cannot defy force, natural disaster causes damage.