Cannot move when air conditioning / how should do when refrigerating capacity is
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High above in the sky is moved implement when cannot moving --

1. Whether does examination power source have report, whether is the limits of voltage 220V ± 10% in (usable avometer or electrography test) .
Whether does the batteries inside 2. inspection remote controller have report (considerable examine liquid crystal shows clear) .
3. set parameter is correct. If run temperature of condition, set,wait.
Have near the machine inside 4. examination disturb without electromagnetism, wait like fluorescent lamp, may disturb the signal that the remote controller transmits.

High above in the sky is moved implement when refrigerating capacity is insufficient --
Whether does 1. inspection door window close close, indoor whether to have add heat source newly, wait like personnel, electric equipment.

2. screen pack is clean, air inlet of room inside and outside, give wind gap whether unobstructed, wind of pass in and out forms short loop.
3. set parameter is correct, if whether wind speed is in high gear.
Situation of heat exchange of the 4. machine outdoor is favorable, have without get sunshine point-blank, the effect that plays a wind without the machine outside getting other air conditioning waits.