Skill of ball valve of choose and buy
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Ball valve is used in our life also is relative much. How should we go then choose and buy?

1, the exterior

The exterior that we say, show whether product surface is bright and clean namely, touch the blemish of nick and so on. If be ecru product, then we should look to whether have sand holes, stomatic, breach this kind blemish, actually, everybody need not go to the choose and buy of ball valve the product that buys polishing to eletroplate, can be bought directly cast arenaceous eletroplating product, because the discrepancy of both price is very big, and using going up is same.

2, the feel of open

You also must be opened when ball valve of choose and buy, shut try feel how, switch process blocks block phenomenon. The product with good feel, using meet on number last much. In-house weather strip wears away not easily

3, the weight of the product

Cupreous price is rising now, so each manufacturer is thinking method reduces the weight of the product. Of course, we want to see well, the wall is large too thin product is no good for certain. The wall of general 1/2-3/4 is large have 1.65-2mm between OK

4, the data that the product uses

The material of ball valve has brass, of bronze, have plastic. General family expenses. My individual thinks brass product has been compared. Year of use number should grow quite. Of not easy attaint. Should comparing brassily want plasticly a few more expensive, when be being bought, this is about to see you is very care about the price

5, the material of fittings

The material of fittings, having all the time is us of easy when the choose and buy oversight. Want those who know fittings to be able to matter to the service life of the product. Weather strip is to get together the comparison of 4 fluorine ethylene is better. Handle wants those who use copper or of steel better. Screw nut should use brass.